Chicago - Year One: My Favorite Things!

I cannot believe that today concludes one full year in Chicagoland. During the year, Kyle and I have been fortunate to have had more ups than downs; however, almost everything we have done this year has been new to us.

So, as we prepare to say goodbye to 2011, I give you my Top 10 Favorite Things About Chicago:

10.  Pizza - I seriously had no clue that I had never really had pizza before. You guys took pizza to the peak of perfection. I love it! (Favorite Pizza Place: Gino's East)

9.  Chicago Bears - Who knew that I would ever get into Football. It started as a joke about their mascot. (FYI: In the gay community, I am considered a "Bear".) However, now I am actually starting to watch the games. I cannot wait to experience my first one in person at Soldier Field.

8.  Expos - In the spring and summer it felt like Kyle and I were going to a different kind of Expo every week. We went to everything from a Dog Expo to a Hospitality Expo.  I love having so many resources at my finger tips. I learned so much about the area by attending these.

7.  Culture - It is everywhere. The area is full of history, museums, and exhibitions of various things. It is a great way to spend a relaxing day. On a side note, I have not even been to things like the Art Institute or Field Museum yet. I cannot wait to experience those, and I am sure that if I had, this would have been further up my list.

6.  Snow - I LOVE SNOW! Enough said.

5.  Shopping - There are so many stores! You guys have speciality stores for everything. Whether I am looking for home decor, movies, clothes, porn, or anything else, I have about twenty stores just a few miles away from me that give me tons of choices.

4.  Boys Town - OMG. It is like heaven. Loved Pride, loved the people there, and especially loved experiencing Hamburger Mary's. Those queens know how to have a good time.

3.  Opportunity - There is so much opportunity in the area. Even being new to the area, we have had so many doors open for us that we would have never had otherwise. The possiblities in Chicago seem limitless.

2.  The People - We have been met with open arms by almost everyone. Once people find out we are not from around here, they instantly start telling us about things we should do and places we should see.

1.  Jen - Without her, we would have had very different experiences. She has become our best friend. We drag her out late at night to go shopping, wake her up early in the morning to make us breakfast, and do other random stuff that for some reason just works for our friendship. We make fun of her, she makes fun of us, and all-in-all, she makes Chicagoland even more awesome.

Here is to more experiences in 2012!

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