The Red Light Photo Enforcement Program is no longer my friend!

I had another first in the Chicagoland area today. This one, unlike most, was not a pleasant experience. What is this first you ask? I got a ticket from the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program.

First, I wonder where they found such bright orange envelopes to mail the tickets in. As if the hideous color is not enough, it states that it is a traffic violation all over it. I am so glad I was not trying to hide said traffic violation from anyone.

Second, it is a $100.00 fine for "disobeying traffic control signal". Of course, I adamantly deny that I did such a thing. I am the most careful driver in the world. I never, ever, ever disobey anything.

Thirdly, if I did disobey a traffic control signal, is $100.00 not a bit steep? It is my first offense. I wonder if I can negotiate down to around $45.00? That is what I feel like this ticket is worth.

Also, I have the privledge of watching the video of the alleged act of me "disobeying traffic control signal" online. It is not just a picture, but an actual video. That part is kind of cool. I have watched it no less than 20 times.

I feel sad for the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program. Since I have lived in Chicagoland, I have been a huge supporter of their program. However, now that I have been given ticket, I find myself a bit less enthusiastic of said program.

However, regardless of the fact that I got a ticket, I still find the ticket program actually pretty good. I notice a lot less traffic violations at "photo enforced" intersections than I do at regular intersections. Of course, what do I know? I am apparently too busy running red lights to pay attention to the camera.

Finally, I still think I stopped at the red light. It was a quick stop; however, it was a stop nonetheless. However, considering that when I looked up how to contest the ticket online, I noticed that reports said only 2% of people that contest their ticket actually get it overturned. So, I have yet to decide whether to contest the ticket or not.

So, has anybody ever had luck contesting such a ticket?


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  • My husband got one of those tickets and before we watched the video he was in complete denial that he violated the law. Then, we watched probably 100 times while he blasted through the red light. It was hilarious. No contesting needed. He was guilty. :) $100 is a bit much...

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    You might consider this traffic control program more to your taste:

  • The camera light program is a money making scheme by our government. I received a notice for a supposely going thru a train crossing. It was not me in the car, the ticket said to either pay, go to court or identify the driver. It was a $500 fine so I identified the driver. 8 months went by and I never received another letter, then 2 squad cars showed up at my house at 10:30 PM and arrested me for failure to appear. It took me 20 minutes to convince the police that it had to be a camera violation. I have not been pulled over in more than 25 years. They couldn't understand how I renewed my license and plates 1 month earlier and no one at Sec of State told me there was a problem. They were very sorry for the inconvience and quite apologetic and surprised that the city felt it necessary to take 2 squads off the street to arrest a 48 year old female that had a perfectly clean driving record and no previous arrests. I really believed this had to be a sick joke. After paying an attorney $1000 to clear my name I was told the citation would be issued to the driver of the vehicle. 2 weeks later I received another summons to court for the same violation. The prosecutors office is incompetant and they sent the summons to me instead of the driver. I showed up in court only to be told by the deputy that if my name wasn't on the board (which it wasn't that I would have to go to another county building to see why). I refused to leave until the idiot judge agreed to see me, after all I was arrested when I didn't receive a summons, why would I leave the court when I did get a summons. Overall, they dropped the charges against me and the driver of my car. It cost $1000 in legal fees and 2 days off of work and I still have to have my record expunged if I want to keep a clean record. For the record the driver of the car didn't go around the tracks but was 2 feet into the crossing when the gates started going down, this was very clear from the picture. The camera light programs are a scam. I am proof that anyone reading this very well may have a warrant for their arrest and you WILL NOT KNOW until they come and pick you up. If the mail gets lost coming to you or going back to them you are screwed!!!
    I urge everyone to write to your alderman, congressman, mayor and tell them to stop these governmental money making scams.

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