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Marriage: It's about love. Nothing else!

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Why can ads in the United States not rely on the simple notion of love? I would be more inclined to donate to get ads on the air such as this Australian ad. I’m not one of those “in your face” gays that things everyone has to think the way I do. So, this simple,... Read more »

Animal bakery fills the void left by moving to Chicagoland

I blame my neighbor for my addiction to Bentley’s Corner Bakery. Bentley’s is an all natural pet food market. Having a partner who has worked with animals most of his life, he makes sure that our animals are taken care of. This became more difficult when we moved here. We discovered that none of the stores up... Read more »

Next Occupy Movement: Occupy Free Clinics

By now, we are all familiar with the Occupy protests around the country.  However, during down time, the protesters are finding sexier ways of expressing themselves. Free love! It stands to reason that anytime you get a group of young, horny adults together, sex is bound to happen. So, having hundreds of young, horny adults... Read more »

An open letter to Chicago Bear Jay Cutler!

Dear Jay, I am so sorry to hear that you have hurt your thumb in football. This is absolutely tragic. The Bears were having such a wonderful season. I believe that part of that accomplishment is because of you, and part of it is because I now live in the area and they are just... Read more »

Review: D'vine Wine in Palatine (Chocolate Wine is my new crack)

Last week, Kyle and I were invited to the Networking @ Nite event hosted by the Palatine Chamber of Commerce. The event was a networking event combined with a wine tasting. Having never been to the host company before, I was unsure what to expect when walking into D’vine Wine. First, let me say the... Read more »

Chamber of Commerce: A resource you should never overlook.

I am continuously shocked at how many people are not acquainted with their local Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who do not use your local Chamber, you are missing a great networking opportunity. The Chamber brings local businesses together to help promote and grow your community. One of the first places I visited... Read more »

Andrew Haigh's Weekend: A thought provoking movie

WEEKEND trailer from Andrew Haigh on Vimeo. Newcomers Tom Cullen and Chris New star in one of the best new movies that I have seen in a long time. Weekend is about two gay men whose chance encounter turns into something a bit more than they bargained for. The movie takes place over the course... Read more »

Verizon: How one employee changed my opinion of an entire company!

I had been an AT&T Customer for years; however, last year when I found myself phone-less because I shared a plan with the ex, Kyle tried talking me into going with Verizon. Considering that I had to get a new number and everything, I reluctantly agreed to follow his advise. I walked into the Verizon... Read more »

Veteran's Day: Have some compassion

I had the honor of sitting around with a group of senior citizens yesterday hearing stories of their encounters with war. These were not glamorous stories by any stretch of the imagination. The details that they remember so many years after the war is remarkable. When the group was invited to speak of their encounters,... Read more »

The Red Light Photo Enforcement Program is no longer my friend!

I had another first in the Chicagoland area today. This one, unlike most, was not a pleasant experience. What is this first you ask? I got a ticket from the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program. First, I wonder where they found such bright orange envelopes to mail the tickets in. As if the hideous color... Read more »