Animal bakery fills the void left by moving to Chicagoland

I blame my neighbor for my addiction to Bentley's Corner Bakery. Bentley's is an all natural pet food market. Having a partner who has worked with animals most of his life, he makes sure that our animals are taken care of. This became more difficult when we moved here. We discovered that none of the stores up here carry the food that our animals were accustomed to eating. So, we were put on a mission of finding new, healthy food.

That is when we discovered Bentley's, a place our neighbor swears by. The first time we walked in, the staff there asked what types of animals we had. After explaining to them we had 2 dogs, a cat, and at the time just one hamster, the clerk prepped our animals "welcome bags". These bags were filled with treats and samples of various foods that our animals could try. Of course some of it they liked, but some of it they hated.

Regardless though, it let us know what our animals would try and would not try without having to spend so much money on food that would eventually just go to waste. Plus, using Bentley's, you know that your pets are being given actual food instead of by-products.

Of course, Bentley's does not just offer dog and cat food. They have tons of treats, toys, and other accessories that are all still safe and healthy for your pets. For instance, this is the place I got the Sox and Cubs cookies when I had the animals decide if our household was going to be a Cubs or Sox House. If you did not see that video, click here!

Anyway, in exploring the Northwest Suburbs, this is my favorite animal place. If I find another place, I will definately tell you about it. I am finding more and more stuff to do and explore in the Northwest Burbs. So, I will keep you updated. Regardless though, make you check out Bentley's.

Just for the record, Bentley's Corner Bakery is located at 90 South Evergreen, Arlington Heights, IL.


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    I absolutely love bentley's. Ya'll so need to check them out!

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