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Occupy Chicago: Hairy Lipped Edition!

Before we get to Friday’s Stache Bash, hairy-lipped Americans will gather in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood to protest the unjust ranking of mustached citizens. Members of the American Mustache Institute, the band The Flavor Savers, and other mustached Americans will march to promote the advancement of mustached Chicagoans. The march kicks off at 6:00 p.m.,... Read more »

Never hate! Educate!

After skipping a week last week to focus on a different topic, this week I present another “Dear ArkieLad” segment. Hope you enjoy! Q: My husband and I ran into an old friend, a lesbian who was surprised to see us pushing a stroller. (Our daughter was conceived with the help of a surrogate last... Read more »

Hairy for a cause! Stache Bash this Friday!

Just a reminder that this Friday Night is Stache Bash, the annual event held by the American Mustache Institute. The event features an open bar and live entertainment. The Flavor Savers, iPop, and the U.S. Air Guitar Champion Romeo Dance Cheetah will take the stage to entertain the hairy crowd. This fun-themed event supports very... Read more »

Route 66 still gives me my kicks!

Route 66 still gives me my kicks!
I remember my first trip to Chicago last November. Once Kyle and I crossed the Illinois/Missouri state line, we started seeing signs for Route 66. I asked Kyle to pull over so I could drive on it. I had always been a fan of Route 66, and I could not wait to experience it in... Read more »

Do distant friendships really work?

Now do not get me wrong, I love all my friends. However, I see the dynamics of the relationships changing. Even though I moved hundreds of miles away, I figured a few people would still be daily chatters as they were when we lived in the same city. However, I am finding that is not... Read more »

I want a gay wedding/civil union/domestic partnership thingy!

A little less than a month ago, Kyle and I made the trip back to Arkansas so that we could photograph a wedding for some friends. The wedding, which was beautiful, was quite an experience. Seeing the happy couple on their day was so magical. The wedding made me realize two things. First, I was... Read more »

An open letter to Lowe's

Dear Lowe’s: I understand that you are a corporation. I also understand that it is unfair that people judge your company based on an interaction with one or two employees. However, I have become very irate with you, and I am very unhappy. You see, I work in senior care. As a Life Enrichment Coordinator,... Read more »

How faux leather caused my first archnemesis in Chicago!

How faux leather caused my first archnemesis in Chicago!
I had only lived in Chicagoland for a month and a day when my first real blizzard hit. It was one of the biggest snows in the area’s history, and I loved it. It was so much fun to see so much snow. I was also impressed at how fast they got the streets clear.... Read more »

Can you get an STD from a vampire?

So, with the growth of vampire entertainment such as True Blood and Twilight, I was left with a question in my head this weekend. Is there a need to wear a condom if you ever happen to have sex with a vampire. Ignoring the fact that since their heart is not beating, thus making it... Read more »

Chicago: It's like a whole other Country!

It really is a small world! I moved here in January, and started working in February. I always talk about Arkansas to anyone that will listen. Most people I talk to have never been to Arkansas, and the few that have, have only passed through on their way to Dallas or New Orleans. So, I... Read more »