I want a gay wedding/civil union/domestic partnership thingy!

A little less than a month ago, Kyle and I made the trip back to Arkansas so that we could photograph a wedding for some friends. The wedding, which was beautiful, was quite an experience. Seeing the happy couple on their day was so magical. The wedding made me realize two things. First, I was right in avoiding wedding photography because it is tedious. Second, I want a wedding.

I want the public announcement of love. I want to have all my friends and family visit to extend their wishes.

I am not so keen on the big fancy church thing; however, I would do that if it came to it. I just want a small gathering. A group of friends and family together to exchange vows in front of. They can even wear what they want.

Just something simple and small is all I am asking for. Maybe an outside wedding would be best. If not that, maybe an inside wedding during the winter. Oh, or maybe even a wedding inside an igloo that is carved out of the ice and snow. Maybe the igloo could be shaped like a castle. The wedding could be titled "The Two Princes".

Of course, I know a wedding is not the word I would use. It would have to be titled a Civil Union or a Domestic Partnership. Something along those lines. Maybe the invitation could even say:

You are invited the union of...

The Two Princes!

See! Would that not be awesome? The whole igloo castle thing would fit in great. The invitations to the ceremony could be delivered by men wearing robes and singing songs of a gauntly tune.

Kyle and I could arrive by a horse and carriage into the ice castle. We would ascend into igloo via the huge archway decorated in ice sculptures of Kyle and I during our courting phase.

We would then part ways and ascend up giant stairways on either side of the room. When we join back at the front of the room, the minister could rise up on a column from below the stage. The minister's column would rise up to join our column that towers 10 feet in the air.

We would exchange our vows and rings on these columns. However, once we do our kiss as a joined couple, the minister's column would return her to beneath the stage. Kyle and I would then walk down one set of stairs and arrive at the back entrance way where our friends and family will gather to admire us in our new wedding bliss.

The reception would be all about dancing. Maybe rent out a big space downtown and have an all night dance party. Of course, maybe even a nightclub could host the party. That way, when people got drunk and pass out, they will be the bar's problem. I mean, it is my wedding day, should I have to worry that my friends are drunk? No!

By the way, instead of having a ring bearer during the ceremony, I would have a Ring Bear, a husky, flamboyantly gay fellow who brings our rings to us. He would be on a leather leash that is held by our flower girls, which while there is a good chance they will be dressed as flowers, there is not a good chance they will be girls.

Anyway, the secret is out. I want a wedding. Again, nothing too fancy, just something small, simple, and made of ice.


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  • Go for it...the only thing stopping you is you. My partner and I got married in July!

    It was wonderful when our officiant announced that we were "Officially Civilized"

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    Something simple? What you just described is a huge production! Leave to a gay man to make a simple affair into a huge production of ice, moving stairs, and rising columns! Although I do love the idea of a flamboyant ring bear and flower gay.

  • You have quite the vision! It sounds like a lovely affair, I would just be a little afraid of tumbling down those ice steps...

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