Chicago: It's like a whole other Country!

It really is a small world! I moved here in January, and started working in February. I always talk about Arkansas to anyone that will listen. Most people I talk to have never been to Arkansas, and the few that have, have only passed through on their way to Dallas or New Orleans. So, I encourage them to visit.

However, imagine my surprise when my work place hired a young lady from Arkansas. She has lived here for three years; but still remembers Arkansas and talks about it.

We chit chat sometimes to compare life here and there. It is quite a bit more different than I thought it would be. That is not saying it is bad, just different.

Some of the main differences are:

  • Hospitality - People in the south just talk to each other more. People here seem so gaurded. Let loose a little.
  • Play Time - It is okay to have fun and act like a kid. Go skipping for a change. Stay up late for fun. Life is not all about work.
  • Driving - I do prefer the driving up here. I am a defensive drive. EVERYBODY up here is a defensive driver. If you wait more than 1/1,000th of a milisecond after a light turns green, you are likely to be pulled out of your car and tied to a stop sign. People in Arkansas take their time driving. I do not miss that at all.
  • Purchases - Brands up here are somewhat different. I guess I never really paid attention to how many local brands I purchased. I am learning how to shop all over again. I am just glad Proctor & Gamble is universal.
  • Too Much - With so many people, there are so many companies and things to do. It can get a little overwhelming. Heck even having to read three different local newspapers is a bit much. However, each newspaper offers something a bit different than the others.
  • Suburbs - There are way too many of them. I cannot tell them apart. I get more confused over suburbs than anything else. Plus, no matter who you ask, each suburb is just 20 minutes from the other one.
  • Wilderness - How can Chicagoland be surrounded by nothing? When you actually leave the Chicagoland area, including it's suburbs, you have the longest drive to get to another civilization. Driving south on I-55, you have a good two or three hours until you hit civilization again. Did they build this magnificent city in the middle of nothing? I think that is why so many people live here. People who drive to Chicago decide to stay becaues a) it's fabulous, and b) it is just too long and boring to drive to get to any other destination.

There are tons more differences, and I am compiling a list to post later. Have you moved to Chicago from another area? What do you think are the biggest differences? Let me know!

P.S. Sorry to Texas that I stole your slogan for my title.


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  • I was in Nashville for a week, and I agree with the differences between the South and Chicago. (I know I shouldn't generalize) I just prefer the fast-paced life, always busy, work centered life. There is a reason why cities like NY and Chicago are centers of innovation, prosperity, and efficiency. It's just the Chicago way, but just because us Chicagoans work hard, doesn't mean we don't play hard haha. You should know by now there is always something to do at night, and that's where you meet people.

  • Chicagoland gingers are the worst. Watch out.

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