Can you get an STD from a vampire?

So, with the growth of vampire entertainment such as True Blood and Twilight, I was left with a question in my head this weekend. Is there a need to wear a condom if you ever happen to have sex with a vampire.

Ignoring the fact that since their heart is not beating, thus making it unlikely they could get an erection, is there a real need to use protection should you ever meet a sexy vampire and cannot resist their advances.

Since they turn people by their bite, you would not have any concern regarding getting pregnant. So, let us just put that to rest.

However, if a vampire is dead, cold, and unable to pump blood, would that not also make them unable to host an STD. I believe if they even caught something, it would die off rather quickly. Thus, getting an STD from a vampire is as likely as getting one from a toilet seat. Of course, if they did happen to get one, their super ability to heal themselves would cause the virus to die off quickly anyway.

Plus, as a friend of mine posted on my Facebook page, even if a vampire could, in theory, give you an STD, they can also heal humans with their blood. So, any STD they gave you would instantly be cured once you had a drink of their blood.

So, as a public service, I am going to let you know that in case you ever sleep with a vampire, go natural. It is okay. You are not at any risk. I believe.

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  • i still say yes, you can get an std from a vamp...can't put any logic behind it..but they are truly the epitome of whores..just sayin..

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