An open letter to Lowe's

Dear Lowe's:

I understand that you are a corporation. I also understand that it is unfair that people judge your company based on an interaction with one or two employees. However, I have become very irate with you, and I am very unhappy.

You see, I work in senior care. As a Life Enrichment Coordinator, my main purpose at work is to ensure that my residents have a healthy and productive life. I spend at least 40 hours per week to make sure that my seniors are enjoying their day.

So, when my residents kept asking for chair gliders, it became an important issue for me. With the approval of my boss, I went to your store in Rolling Meadows, Illinois to purchase some. I purchased all that you had. Unfortunately, this was not enough. So, while completing my purchase, I inquired as to when this location would get more. The clerk informed me that I could "pre-purchase" the rest that I needed.

I gave the clerk all of my information, including payment, and was promised that they would call me as soon as they came in. The delivery time was excepted to be a week. The clerk even said, "It could be two weeks at worse."

During the past five weeks I have contacted the same store and have been told that they are either a) on order, b) back-ordered, or c) somewhere in the store but unlocatable (seriously, the employees cannot find their stock?).

So now you have my money, and you still have the chair gliders. In and of itself, that is bad. However, to make matters worse, it seems that no one at the store cares. When I try to talk to someone, I just keep getting transferred to various people and departments. I am always told that the person I am talking to cannot handle my problem. Plus, the manager is never in. How do you run a store without a manager?

Anyway, while everyone is concerned about the economy and businesses going under, there is a reason people quit using big box stores. This is a prime example of one of those reasons. Why purchase from a store when they could care less about their product or customer satisfaction?

I noticed on the news today that you had to close two more stores in Illinois. I am sure you are blaming their bad sales solely on the economy; however, I suggest you look internally also.

Satisfied customers will find a way to keep using a store if they like the service and merchandise, neither of which I can say applies to you right now.




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  • No business is perfect, including Lowe's. I will say that my experience with Lowe's has generally been good, while my experience with Home Depot has ranged from great to awful.

    The reason that Home Depot dominates Chicagoland goes back to the recession of 2000. Lowe's had planned to enter Chicago, then put those plans on hold. Meanwhile, Home Depot snapped up a number of potential Lowe's locations, including vacant Handy Andy stores (which had been part of K-Mart) and vacant Venture stores.

    By the time Lowe's entered the Chicago market around 2005 or 2006, it was finding that people might have to drive past several Home Depot stores to get to a Lowe's store. There are 6 Home Depot locations that are closer than the nearest Lowe's.

    And while your experience with Lowe's is certainly unacceptable, there are many people who believe that Home Depot is still suffering because of its hiring of Bob Nardelli away from GE almost 10 years ago. We learned that the experience of running a large manufacturer doesn't lend itself to retailing.

  • You're telling me a faceless corporation that runs a big box store doesn't care about customer service? Color me shocked.

  • Customer Service at Lowes is a lot like winning at Vegas. The ones who win tell people about it, the other 99% just leave and find something else to spend their money on. Lowes in Virginia is like gambling in a casino where all the machines are fixed-no one wins, or if they do, they don't win big. I bought a small Frigidaire refrigerator from them a year ago and the clerk said "Don't buy the warranty they don't honor them anyway." So I didn't, thinking Frigidaire was a good brand and I'd risk it. Boy was I wrong. Now I have a broken refrigerator and Lowes' doesn't care, neither does Frigidaire. They don't return calls or emails and don't care if I'm angry or not. So I shop elsewhere unless forced to use them since they are closer and I live in a rural area. I've spent less than $100 there since the refrigerator thing, and more than $1,000 at Home Depot. It's not much, but 100,000 customers at $1,000 adds up I suppose. I told the clerk last night about it and he shrugged. He didn't care. So I left my $75 worth of purchases in the aisle and went across the street to Walmart. Screw you evil Lowes!!

  • I agree with a lot of what you say, but I'm just never able to let this one go-- I mean it as un-snidely as possible, but the phrase is, "they couldn't care less," meaning it's not possible for them to care any less than they do, as opposed to saying, I suppose, that there's an indeterminate range of caring that is less than their current, higher, level of caring.

    You're not alone on making this mistake, but I'm looking to stamp it out one person at a time.

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