Hurricane David: What do you know about him?

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of Hurricane David's final landfall. Now, I do not normally write about history; however, I found it fascinating to know that there was a hurricane named David the same year that I was born. It was also the first male name to be retired, as male names had just started being alternated with female names in 1979.

Now, I never really hear people talk about Hurricane David, so I took it to task to find as much information as I could about this hurricane. Some fast facts about Hurricane David are as follows:

  • First hurricane of the 1979 season.
  • Strongest hurricane to ever strike to the Dominican republic.
  • Second male name of a storm, and first male name to reach Category 5
  • Started forming on August 22, and after ripping through many areas, including Cuba and the United States
  • Dissipated after hitting the Faroe Islands on today's date 1979.

After finding those few facts, most things I read continued on to talk about how strong the hurricane was, how long it lasted, and how many it killed - which, by the way, was over 2,000 people. However, history is boring to me unless it is about me. So, let us just focus on the fact that not long after I was born, a hurricane was named after me, and like me, it caused lots of destruction along the way.

That concludes your history lesson for the day. However, if you want to appear to be a smarty pants on Monday at work, go in and talk about the destruction that Hurricane David caused some 32 years ago. It will serve two purposes: 1) to make people think you are super smart and geeky, and 2) it will break the ice considering what most people will be remembering this weekend.

Now that you are smarter thanks to me, continue on with your weekend.

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