The further you are from Mexico, the worse the food gets...

I get asked all the time what I miss most about living in the South. The answer to that question though always makes me feel like a horrible person. Now, do not get me wrong, I do miss my family, friends, old job, the house, having a huge yard, and other things, but the thing I miss the most is the food. Even more specific, it is the Mexican food.

I have tried so many Mexican restaurants up here that it is not even funny. However, nothing compares to the ones we have in the south. First, I cannot find a single place that has cheese dip - more importantly white cheese dip. I so miss white cheese dip. A friend of mine at work actually brought me some all the way from San Diego, and the Queen actually found me some at a Wal-Mart in Crystal Lake.

Now I loved getting the gifts of cheese dip; however, there is nothing better than some tall margaritas, hot white cheese dip, and an endless supply of chips to make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I feel bad that Chicagoians do not get to experience that. If I ever open a restaurant, it's going to be one that serves bottomless cups of white cheese dip. Of course if I ever find a restaurant that offers white cheese dip, I may just have to bathe in it and feel it's warmly goodness all over me.

Make fun if you want, but the white cheese dip is really that good. Oh, not only do you guys not have it as an appetizer, in the south they drizzle the stuff on everything you order. Do you want a taco, a fajita, a diet coke? With all those you answer yes and ask that it to be smothered in cheese dip. It is just the natural rule of the land.

Now I know there are some purists who tell me that it is not Mexican food, that it's Tex-Mex. However, my favorite restaurant was called La Hacienda - Authentic Mexican Food. Who am I to argue with them? I am not going to tell them that they are not Mexican enough.They spoke Spanish and looked Mexican. That is pure enough for me.

So, that is what I miss most. I would love to see all my family and friends, but I hope that when I do, that it is accompanied with some wonderful southern style Mexican food.


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  • It's amazing how different cities can screw up yummy cuisine. I lived in Milwaukee for a few years and have to say that was the worst 2 years of my life for eating in casual style restaurants. HotDogs-ick. Pizza-atrocious. And Chinese food-I can't even begin.

    I do love me some good ol' Tex-Mex! This post made me hungry!

  • i will provide you a bathtub's worth of yummy white chese dip when you get here...& that's not the only reason La Hacienda was your favorite restraurant!! :) And I can't find a decent hot wing in the yes, each region does have it specialty..

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