Everybody is a photographer these days...

Photography has been a hobby of mine for some time. Matter-of-fact, because of how many photos I have taken over the years, I'm having the hardest time selecting which pictures to showcase on my new ArkieLad Photography site I'm making. However, after doing some research about which company to settle on for prints, galleries, and more, it became obvious that everyone is a photographer these days.

I guess with the price of camera equipment going so low, it makes it easier for people to take their own pictures. That added with the fact that cheaper cameras are getting smarter and smarter, makes being a photographer seem so easy. I have come across some prints online that are labeled professional, and I must say that the term is used very loosely. I think that regardless of how great your camera is, you still have to have an eye for photography. You have to make sure you set the shot correctly. I have seem more poles coming out of people's heads than I ever wanted to.

Of course, where there are people wanting to be photographers, there are companies wanting to make money off of that. I settled on the free version of PrintRoom to run my business. PrintRoom is a company that hosts your images,  prints the photographs, and then ships them. Basically the photographer gets to be a photographer and not a printer.  The design of the sites they offer aren't the best, but is it not my photographs I want to show off and not some fancy graphics. Now, don't get me wrong, if my business I'm starting (that's not about photography) brings in gazillions of dollars, then I will pay the money to have a super awesome site. However, when I am just wanting to show off my prints, I don't see a need to pay a company to host the images and then pay them again to print and ship them.

It makes me wonder how many customers of all these sites pay more to showcase their photography than they make in profit. Of course, maybe there is an excellent site out there that I missed. If there is, be sure to let me know.



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  • If you replace the word "photographer" wherever it appears with the word "pornographer" this becomes incredibly hilarious.

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