Big dreams being rolled out now...

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. Most of mine was spent working on a project that is very close to me. I have decided to follow my head, and am working towards opening a new business centered around socializing. The project is still being worked out, and I do not expect to be a multimillionaire by Tuesday. However, I do have high hopes and big dreams. (On a side note: If I am a multimillionaire by Tuesday, I invite you all to a party Wednesday on the lake. Details to follow...)

The timing just feels right to me. It finally feels like all the pieces are falling together. I have a great job that I enjoy during the day, so this will be a night/weekend job. However, with the encouragement of my friends and partner, I feel like this is my chance.

I will have more to come on this venture. If you have any ideas, I look forward to hearing them. Also, maybe you will get a few ideas of your own from reading about my ideas.

This weekend, I acquired my domain; and am working on getting it up and running. It will not replace this blog or even be a blog. I love blogging here on ChicagoNow, and plan on keeping it that way. I will just have different stuff there including my new business and my photography portfolio. Of course, I'm unveiling parts of the site slowly to make sure I'm happy with the product before I put it out to the public.

So, stay tuned...


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