Being gay no longer special...

I am not one of those gays that had a horrible childhood. I never got picked on for being gay, I never got called names, nor did I have some horrible coming out story. My coming out story was basically my Mom asking me if I had a boyfriend coming home for Thanksgiving. That was it. No tears, no dramatic emotional talks.

However, regardless of how good my youth was, in comparing my youthful years to those experiencing it now, I wonder if it is easier or harder for them. Being gay is something that is constantly on television now. When I was younger, being gay was only mentioned rarely and normally only on the news while talking about HIV and/or AIDS. Today's kids have gay shows, television networks, and more entertainment geared toward them. Add all that to the attention that gay rights receive, and you just are not able to escape gays in the news.

While that may seem like a great thing, it must also make being gay harder in a sense. It is now something that is always on people's minds. While going through that awkward teenage period where we just want to hide, today's kids have it constantly thrown in their face. It's always around them. It kind of makes me feel a little sorry for them.

Growing up, I knew I was gay. Some people close to me knew I was gay. However, knowing that I was different from most of those around me, made me feel special. It was like being part of an exclusive, hidden club.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am all for political movements that help us; however, I think we are also losing a bit of our edge by becoming almost mainstream.



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