I'm not a serial killer...

Thank goodness it's time for my second post. That dreaded first post is out of the way. Thanks for all those that took the time to tell me what you thought of post numero uno.  By the way, that's Spanish for post number one. I'm learning Spanish from a co-worker of mine. She has already taught me how to say chocolate and sprinkler room. Before long, this little southern boy is going to be a bi-lingual mid-western man. Now on to my regularly scheduled nonsense ramblings.

I've been in Yankee Territory now for 6 months, 16 days. I finally got my driver's license and license plate switched over last month. My partner had to go and drill holes in the front of my car because Illinois requires tags on the front. That's crazy I think. I'm sure there is some rational reason, but I think it's just wrong.

My first blizzard was so fun. I loved it. It's also how people calculate how long I've been in Chicagoland. Most first conversations go something like this:

Me: I moved here from Arkansas.

Not Me: I drove through Arkansas once.

Me: Cool.

Not Me: Well did you make it in time for the blizzard earlier this year?

Me: Yes. I loved it.

Not Me: Oh...

That's about the point they walk away. Apparently enjoying my first blizzard is not a good way to make friends.

On another note, not all mid-westerners are easy to talk to. I'm a random conversation starter, but it's hard to start idle chatter with strangers here. They tend to just walk away and ignore me. I try to reassure them that I mean no harm by yelling out, "I'm not a serial killer," as they walk away, but that just causes them to walk away even faster.

For that reason, my partner and I had to fake name everyone in my apartment complex. Not so much a name, but more of a title. We have The Slut, The Crack Head, The Crazy Lady, The Archenemy, and many others. I will slowly introduce them to you and tell you stories of them. The one you will hear about the most is The Shut-In. She has become my partner's BFF. She claims me once in a while, but always manages to point out that she's his BFF. Which is cool though cause they team up and cook me dinner, make me drinks, and take me places.

She even went to Gay Pride with us. OMG - that was an experience I will share later this weekend. For now, I'm signing out so I can get my day started.


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  • It was your first blizzard, your first winter. You'll get over it. In the meantime, enjoy! :0)

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