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Go fly a kite...

Go fly a kite...
So yesterday, The Partner, The Shut-In and I were shopping at the Dollar Tree. We noticed that they had a huge selection of kites to purchase. Knowing that it is impossible to pass a wall of kites without looking through them, we ended up buying some and went kite flying. It was so much fun.... Read more »

Shoppers Alert!

One focus of this blog is going to be living on a budget in Chicagoland. I’m starting that focus with this awesome store you have to check out. I’m really hoping it’s not just a phase, but the new Goodwill store on Algonquin Road in Arlington Heights has tons of awesome deals. I myself acquired... Read more »

Cubs vs Sox

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Living in the area, I keep hearing heated arguments about whether the Cubs or the Sox are better. Not being a sports follower, I had no idea who to argue for. So, like any upstanding adult in the community, I let my dogs pick which team is better. It was a little touch and go... Read more »

Southern view on the heat wave...

First, who knew Chicago got this hot. I was use to this in Arkansas, but for it to get up to 100 degrees here is ridiculous. Hopefully, it will cool off soon. However, until then, I have some great ways to beat the heat from a southerner who is used to this type of thing.... Read more »

Trying to fit in...

So I went to my first ever Block Party this weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be a brief little “here’s the neighborhood” type thing; however, you Chicagoans know how to throw a party. I got my invite from The Queen – that’s actually how she introduced herself when I... Read more »

Getting what you want!

Just one hour after making my last post about people in Chicagoland not making small talk, I get a random conversation that I just have to share. My partner and I step outside our apartment to catch some fresh air. About the time we start relaxing, a guest of one of our neighbors runs over... Read more »

I'm not a serial killer...

Thank goodness it’s time for my second post. That dreaded first post is out of the way. Thanks for all those that took the time to tell me what you thought of post numero uno.  By the way, that’s Spanish for post number one. I’m learning Spanish from a co-worker of mine. She has already... Read more »

How did I get here?

“Do you like it up here?” my boyfriend asked as he continued to sip hot chocolate from his paper cup. We were sitting inside a Dunkin’ Donuts on Kirchoff Road in Rolling Meadows. The rain made for a perfect night to make life changing decisions. Rain always seems to make things new and fresh. After... Read more »