Fat to Fit: Kicking the Diet Coke habit

Fat to Fit: Kicking the Diet Coke habit
Even though I am the thinnest, and healthiest, I have been since high school, there are still a few bad habits that are in my life. Fortunately, most of them are completely under my control. For instance, as much as I love Oreos, I limit myself to only a few a month. Those few satisfy... Read more »

Trisha Yearwood stages comeback with Prizefighter

As a longtime Trisha Yearwood fan, I have to admit that being able to hear her newest single has made me the happiest gay in all the land. Prizefighter, the new song, is the same type of empowering song currently popular among other female artists. I personally think it’s a country version of songs like... Read more »

Milwaukee: More fun than you may think!

This is the view not far from our <a href="http://deal.alofthotels.com/?PS=LGEN_AA_DNAD_CGGL_TBRD" target="_blank">Aloft</a> accommodations. We were centrally located in the Western Downtown district, which made it super easy to get around the City both on foot and in the car.
My partner and I ventured up to Milwaukee last week to get away from Chicago for the holiday weekend. We picked Milwaukee not only because it was close, but because neither of us had ever been there. Considering that Milwaukee is not known as a party city in most circles, we expected a weekend of unwinding... Read more »

Can you die from running?

Can you die from running?
I started running this week. For those that know me, you know how adamant I am in my belief that running is a punishment sent up from Satan because we invented tighty whities. I hate running, and I always have. However, my friend Carmel recommended I try the C25K program. The program promises that by... Read more »

Fat to Fit: 8 steps to getting your steps

Tip #1: A key to success it to make smaller goals. I personally make sure that I get half my steps in before lunch. It makes the task of reaching my daily target more manageable.
When becoming active, a lot of people rely on a pedometer to track steps. A pedometer keeps one accountable for their steps, while also allowing them to measure their progress over time. When I first started getting active at the beginning of the year, I barely managed to make 8,000 steps a day. Now, 8 months later, I average 14,000 steps a... Read more »

Why I love softball - even though it sucks

Earlier in the year, I blogged about joining a gay softball team. I did it mostly because a friend had posted that he really needed players for his team, and I was at the start of my weightloss journey and looking for new ways to exercise. Though I had avoided sports my entire life, I... Read more »

Pamper Yourself: Feel fantastic, look fabulous at $25 Head Shot Party

I have always said that people should live their life feeling and being fabulous. Regardless of what it takes, one should always feel completely awesome about who they are and where they are in their life. My dear friend Jetta Bates Vasilatos of Jettasetting encourages people to do the same thing. She advocates for people... Read more »

Belinda Carlisle performed my boyhood concert

Belinda Carlisle performed my boyhood concert
Growing up in a very rural town in Arkansas, there was never that much to do to occupy my time. So, like most teenage gay boys, I got lost in music. Most of that music was introduced to me by my older sisters. The Go-Go’s were always being played by them, and so I became... Read more »

7 websites to make your life easier

<a href="http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html" target="_blank">10 Minute E-mail</a> is a great service when you need a quick, disposable e-mail address. If you need to go past the 10 minute timeline, there is button to click to get 10 additional minutes. Once you close the page, that e-mail address is gone forever.
I am always telling people I use certain websites to make my life easier. Normally, once I tell them what websites, they admit that they have never heard of them. Now, just incase you are not aware of my favorite websites, I have compiled a list of sites you need bookmark, save, and share. Enjoy!... Read more »

Unhealthy habits to avoid while trying to lose weight

<b>Avoid Eating on the Run: </b>It is almost always a bad idea. It leads to quick, unhealthy decisions. Eating quickly also allows you to eat more before your body registers that you are full. Image from: drivesteady.com
Be sure to share your unhealthy habits that you avoid. Also, make sure you subscribe to all my posts by entering your e-mail address below and clicking the create subscription button. Then, follow me on my website ArkieLad.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.
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