Learning from Life: The Biologically Informed City

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)-USA will have its annual lecture on June 26th, Thursday at the Doubletree Hotel Chicago. This year's Keynote Speaker is Melissa Sterry.

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Looking closely at nature: image of a flower under a microscope

How can biology potentially inform and inspire the cities of the now, near and far future? What insights into tackling urban challenges including resource shortages, pollution, waste, inequality and extreme weather might we gain from mimicking the physiology and behaviour of flora and fauna species? What are the very latest developments in Biomimetics, Biotechnology and Biomorphic Design, and where might these take architecture and related disciplines? How might cities play a critical role in biodiversity conservation in the coming century and beyond? Sterry will present answers to these questions and more, as she discusses both her own research and development projects, and those of her peers in bio-informed design and technology worldwide.

 If You Go: This event is open to the public, is free and attendance is encouraged.

When: June 26, 2014 at 11am

Where: Doubletree Hotel (Superior Rooms), 300 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

The lecture will be accredited for AIA Continuing Education credits.

Other events of RIBA-USA on Thursday June 26th at Doubletree Hotel (Superior Rooms): Thursday events are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

8:30am    Complimentary Breakfast
Agenda: Chaired by the RIBA-USA President / President Elect
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President / President Elect annual address
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About Melissa Sterry

Design Scientist and Futurist

Design Scientist and Futurist: Melissa Sterry

Design scientist and futurist Melissa Sterry is known as a champion of new science, technology and thinking that serves to make the world a better place. For more than a decade, she has worked to integrate pioneering sustainability thinking into mainstream business and society. A recipient of several innovation, creativity and enterprise awards, including the Mensa Education and Research Foundation International Award for enhancing intelligence that benefits society, Melissa divides her time in equal parts between research, development, enterprise and communication. Having migrated from designer to design scientist, with a career heavily focused on emergent digital technology and its applications, Melissa has worked with leading-edge innovation for more than two decades, of which the past fourteen have been at executive board level. A visiting fellow, visiting lecturer and guest critic at several leading European architecture and design research institutes including Ravensbourne, SOBE, IaaC, The Bartlett and AA School, Melissa is published in over 60 international titles, including the Global Innovation Science Handbook. She has contributed as a keynote speaker, panelist, panel chair and/or workshop host at more than fifty leading international conferences, seminars, festivals, awards ceremonies, and product launches in regions including UK, USA, Europe and Russia. An MPhil/PhD researcher at Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research group at the School of Architecture, Design and Construction at University of Greenwich, her interests in science, technology and design converge in the Bionic City®, which posits the potential of the city as a complex regenerative and adaptive system that mimics biological resilience strategies. Underway since January 2010, the project engages a global community of interest through media including workshops, talks, publications and social media, including its Flipboard magazine, which has over 119,000 readers.

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