Theater At Its Quirkiest

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we know that after Black Friday, it's downhill from here on out. Next thing you know Christmas has crept up on you. We end yet another season of Fall and begin a new season of Winter. This changing of seasons was the theme of Redmoon Theater's Winter Pageant, which has been the theater's longest running spectacular tradition.

As I watched the Winter Pageant 2010 for the first time, I observed the
audience around me, to my right was a group of 60-somethings and to my
left was a group of 6-year olds, and in front of me is an even younger
crowd and behind me look like the 40-somethings. The show was able to
keep me, a 30-something, at the edge of my seat along with the rest of
the generations X & Y, baby boomers, and Millennials.

My community in the art, architecture, and engineering circle have constantly recommended that I go see performances at the Redmoon Theater when I first moved to Chicago. The theater itself located in the West Town/Far West Loop neighborhood, in a charming warehouse loft, is visually enchanting. It's a truly unique experience.

Winter Pageant 2010 is running now through January 2, 2011 at Redmoon Central - 1463 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60622.


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