Lego street photography: Chicago style

As mentioned in a previous post, "Photography is presented to the public in many different art forms". One art form I did not mention, is called Minifigure Photography. Just the other day, a friend said "This reminded me of you" and sent me a link of work done by a Minifigure Photographer.

The work was of a UK-based photographer named Andrew Whyte. He has taken a lot of fantastic photographs with his little Lego people in the UK. Up to this point, I had not paid much attention to Minifigure Photography.

I got inspired and headed to the Lego store at lunch. I picked up a little Lego guy with a camera.  Knowing Chicago has some of the best photo backdrops in the world, I went out the other day, and took these photos. It's my Lego street photography: Chicago style.

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