300 Million American dollars to organ eating rebels

News sources reported - U.S. government announced it would send an additional $300 million dollars in humanitarian aid to those affected by the Syrian crisis. That brings total U.S. assistance to nearly $850 million dollars since the civil war began.

US military aid to Syrian rebels is expected to begin arriving in a few weeks, delivered by the CIA through secret bases in Turkey and Jordan. Reports say it will include light weaponry, but not shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles. The Pentagon also has proposed a partial no-fly zone.

(CNN) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West on Sunday against arming Syrian rebels "who kill their enemies and eat their organs," referencing a widely circulated video that purports to show a rebel fighter eating the heart of a dead soldier.

Watch U.S. Aid to Syrian Rebels Dominates Attention at G-8 Summit on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.


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How about we keep the $300 million Syria aid package and put it towards creating jobs for America. Didn't our involvement in Vietnam start with a few million aid dollars? But whats a few million anyways, just a drop in the bucket when we talk about the BILLIONS of U.S. dollars being wasted.

The US decided that it needed to hold the line against the Communists, though, and continued to send increasing amounts of war material and increasing numbers of military advisers to the aid of capitalist South Vietnam.

Gradually, the US got pulled into an all-out shooting war of its own with the North Vietnamese. First, military advisors were given permission to fire back if fired upon in 1959. By 1965, American combat units were being deployed. In April of 1969, an all-time high of over 543,000 US troops were in Vietnam.

US involvement in the war continued until 1975, when the North Vietnamese captured the southern capital at Saigon.

Current year dollars for Vietnam involvement was over 111 Billion.

Persian Gulf War - 102 Billion

Total Post-9/11—Iraq/Afghanistan/Other - 1,046 billion


300 million does not sound like a whole lot right now. If those American dollars were used to create a  few $25 an hour jobs. It could only pay a $52,000 yearly salary for nearly 6,000 Americans. The line for one of these jobs would be much longer than 6000.

Should we wait until we drop BILLIONS before we speak up or do something?

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