March against Monsanto Rally Chicago: Photos

The "March against Monsanto" was held in 250 US cities and dozens of other countries as a protest over genetically modified foods.  Genetically modified plants are grown from seeds that are engineered to resist insect infestations and herbicides, allegedly add nutritional benefits or otherwise improve crop yields and increase the global food supply.

The 'March Against Monsanto' movement began just a few months ago, when founder and organizer Tami Canal created a Facebook page on Feb. 28 calling for a rally against the company's practices. Opponents have pushed for mandatory labelling, although the US government and many scientists have said that the technology was safe.

The Food and Drug Administration does not require genetically modified foods to carry a label, but organic food companies and some consumer groups have intensified their push for labels.

A rally was held in Chicago, Saturday, May 25, 12:00pm – 2:00pm at Federal Plaza to raise awareness about biotechnology, GE foods, seed patents, the disappearance of bees, and demanding adoption of SB 1666 and HB 3085 – The Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act


Rally speakers include: Joan Levin- Legislative Director of Illinois Right to Know GMO. Mike Durshmidt – Representing Organic Consumers Association Jessica Fujan – Midwest Organizer of Food and Water Watch


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