May Day March Chicago 2013

May Day March Chicago 2013 - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 thousands of demonstrators are expected to take to the streets of Chicago for the 13th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights.

In the spirit of solidarity and unity with communities across the country, organizers in Chicago will focus on a universal theme: standing together with all workers regardless of race, class, gender, religious affiliation, sexual identity, ability, and documented status. Event details are as follows:

10:00 AM: Anti-Capitalist Demo @ City Front Plaza


It's been five years since the economic crash, nobody's in jail for it. The banks are bigger, wages are lower, and we're going to march to the loop and shutdown an institution that shall remain unnamed until that morning. Come one come all! The working people of Chicago will march in solidarity with the May Day martyrs and the rest of the country. The location of the action is a short walk from the red line and a thirty minute one transfer train ride to the annual march starting at Union Park.

12:45pm - 2:00pm: Occupy Chicago May Day Solidarity Speak Out @ Union Park, Randolph and Ashland


This May Day, Occupy Chicago asks supporters: Who does the American government work for? Occupy Chicago calls on our brothers and sisters throughout the city to join us on May 1st to stand up against the assaults on the 99%.

- At 12:45pm on May 1st we will gather at Union Park, Randolph and Ashland.

- At 1: 00 pm sharp we will engage in a lively speak-out on the issues affecting us all: austerity, debt, joblessness, foreclosures, endless war, gun violence, climate change, the war on drugs, school closings, the two-tiered justice system, deportations, etc. All are free to speak their minds!

2:00pm - 4:30pm: International Workers Day March for Immigration Reform @ Union Park, march to Federal Plaza begins 3:00pm


May Day – International Workers Day

Immigrant workers in Chicago fought in 1886 for the 8 hour workday. We won! - Immigrant workers in 2006 fought against Jim Sensenbrenner’s bill to make a federal crime t olive in the United States without immigration papers. We Won! - This year, immigrant workers have to win LEGALIZATION FOR ALL and we have to STOP DEPORTATIONS! - This Is The Time!


On May Day 2013, International Workers Day, No International Worker will go to Work… WE WILL ALL MARCH FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM! - We will march for legalization for all International workers in the US; we will march against public schools closings; we will march to raise the minimum wage; we will march with the labor unions, with community and neighborhood organizations, with hometown associations. We will meet on Wednesday, May First, at Union Park (Ashland and Lake), at 2 pm, and we will march at 3pm to Federal Plaza (Jackson and LaSalle). Rally at Federal Plaza at 4:30 pm.

4:30: Rally at Federal Plaza

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May Day March Chicago 2013

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