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Winter Weather is back with Dangerous Driving Conditions

Chicagoland Winter storm with Dangerous Driving Conditions  - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 26,2013
Dangerous Driving Conditions – Slip Sliding Away: Today’s winter storm hit Chicago with white out conditions and up to 6 inches of ice and snow in the forecast for tonight. Before noon today the storm created very dangerous driving conditions. Several accidents have been reported throughout the entire Chicagoland area. If driving around the Chicagoland area is not... Read more »

SWAT team responded to Ashland ave Hostage Situation

SWAT team closed Ashland  - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 22,2013
Hostage Situation closed Ashland Avenue Chicago Police and SWAT team closed Ashland avenue at Roosevelt Road this Friday morning due to an apparent domestic hostage situation. It ended without  any injuries, police said. The hostage situation began after police officers were sent to a building near Ashland Avenue and Hastings Street about 3:16 a.m.,  after they received a call... Read more »

My trip to the grocery store: Mariano's rooftop view - Photos

Mariano's with a view - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 21, 2013
 Mariano’s with a view Just a Thursday night trip to the grocery store. A quick stop at the Mariano’s closest to my home to pick up a few things. Since I never know what may catch my eye in this great city of Chicago, I pretty much have a camera with me all of the time.... Read more »

Chinatown Celebrates Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year 2013

Chinatown Celebrates Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year 2013
 Chinatown Celebrates Year of the Snake Chinatown celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year on Sunday, February 17, 2013. 2013 is the year of the snake and the celebration is also referred to as the Chinese Spring Festival. It began with a parade at 24th and Wenthworth then headed north to Cermak. Chinatown’s annual New Year’s fest features... Read more »

Inside the Ice Castle Destruction: More Photos from Chicago Warehouse Fire

Inside the Ice Castle Destruction - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 17, 2013
Photos: Inside the demolition of the “Ice House” Today I revisited the vacant five-story warehouse at 3757 S. Ashland  Avenue in Bridgeport, which was the scene of a destructive blaze a month ago where more than 200 firefighters from 50 fire companies responded. On January 22nd, Firefighters worked in shifts throughout the night battling the largest blaze Chicago has seen in... Read more »

2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Circus

2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 7, 2013
2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Circus McCormick Place is hosting the 105th Chicago Auto Show which is open to the public February 9th through the 18th.  I attended the Media Preview a two day event held February 7th and 8th. I was really excited about this event, a friend mentioned that I would be able to... Read more »

Chicago Firefighter injured at Back of the Yards 2-11 Warehouse fire

Back of the Yards 2-11 Warehouse fire - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February 4, 2013
 Back of the Yards 2-11 Warehouse fire injures Chicago Firefighter A 2-11 fire broke out at 4834 S. Halsted St. about  5:39 p.m. in the Back of the Yards neighborhood and was well under control and struck-out by 6:55 p.m. One firefighter was injured battling the fire and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the fire department said. The... Read more »

Chicago in winter: Lakefront photos

Chicago Lakefront Winter - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February, 2, 2013
Today Chicago’s lakefront experienced temperatures in the teens with strong winds and light snow. I found only a few Chicagoans out enjoying the sledding hills nears Solider Field and Montrose Harbor. I spotted one jogger and a bike rider facing the freezing elements at 35th street. Maybe everyone was resting up for the Superbowl.  Here are a few photos from... Read more »

Jones College Prep gets Chopper to do heavy lifting

Jones College Prep gets Chopper to do heavy lifting Today a helicopter helped with the construction of the new William Jones College Preparatory High School. It is located at 700 South State Street and is scheduled for completion in 2013. The helicopter was used for lifting a heavy air condition motor and other large steel... Read more »

Beautiful North Ave Beach Winter Cold Photos

Beautiful North Ave Beach Winter Cold Photos - Rick Lobes, ChicagoNow, February, 1, 2013
On this first day of February Chicago experienced wind chill temperatures below zero. I walked along North Avenue Beach enjoying the beautiful scenery with my camera. I was thinking about this shoot since early this morning. I had a mental check list growing, what time would I arrive, where would the sun be at that time, where would I park.... Read more »