City Sleeping: Another WOW Shot! Photo Gallery

Dinner at home and a after work nap, it's Wednesday night.  I was all set to stay in and relax. I started thinking, it's pretty nice out so I'll go down to Vintage for a quick beer. After one I was not on my way back home, I had my camera gear with me so I figured I would take a quick ride downtown to see if I could shoot something interesting.

What I found  interesting was my Silent City Sleeping. One of my favorite times to take photo's is at night. Less crowds or people around, for the most part I don't shoot many people. I like the calm of walking the abandon streets. Before I shot a few photo's, I even said out loud "WOW Oh F%%K"  Not sure anyone else will have the same reaction. If you do, I would love to hear which one.

All photos this night were taken around Wacker and Lake. Here are a few shots that came home with me.

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