How I Fell into Lake Michigan Taking Sunrise Photos - Photo Gallery

I fell into Lake Michigan this morning! I was up before the sunrise and thought it would be a good morning to do a photo shoot at the lakefront. Everything was going great, the sunrise was nice and my city backdrop was shining. It was just another beautiful day.

IMG_1039As I walked along the lakefront taking some shots, I noticed the low water level. I could see some great looking rocks with ice on them near the edge of the shoreline and I was trying to figure out how could I get down there to get better pictures.


IMG_1598Just as I reached the curve at the Shedd Aquarium I noticed a ladder going down towards the rocks that I thought would be the perfect spot from which to shoot my photos. I could not pass it up, so I climbed down the ladder. I reached the bottom and stood there for a minute and took a few photos while I plotted my course over the slippery rocks.


I was all set and made my first move onto the rocks and slipped right off into the water. Luckily, only one leg went all the way into the cold water. I had my camera around my neck and as I fell it landed straight on the rock, smashing the camera lens filter. Still shot with smashed lens.

I figured at this point that it must be time for me to go home and get out of  my wet clothes and see what I shot. It ends up that my lens was okay, and I got the smashed filter off with a pipe wrench. As for me, I was just a little wet with some sore ribs. Next time I will wear better shoes! Here are some of those photographs from my morning fall into Lake Michigan. Since I was the one taking the photos, I do not have any pictures of me in the water - but I think I did capture a few good shots of our great city!

Sunrise Chicago: How I fell in Lake Michigan - Photo Gallery

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