Frozen and Smoldering: Aftermath of the Largest Chicago Fire in 7 years - Reignited


Tuesday night just after 9:00 pm about 170 firefighters from 50 fire companies responded to a blaze in a vacant five-story warehouse located in the 3700 block of South Ashland Avenue in Bridgeport. Firefighters worked in shifts throughout the night battling the largest blaze Chicago has seen in 7 years.


Wednesday night around 7:00 pm a part of the roof collapsed into a section of the building still covered in ice from all the water sprayed onto it in freezing temperatures. More than 24 hours later the fire was still smoldering as smoke poured from the frozen wreckage.


The weather was dangerously cold, 10-degree temperatures overnight after the coldest day in Chicago in several years and had wind chills of -10 and -20 degrees.

Thursday morning the fire reignited and by 6:00 am Firefighters were back on the scene putting out flames.  The fire was never all of the way out as seen in these pictures. Chicago Fire department spokes person reported they expect it to burn for sometime.

IMG_9792-1Day 5 - Friday January 25th 2013  Fire still burning as demolition crew started taking down walls last night and this morning.


New pictures in day 4 post  taken this morning



Link HERE -   Demolition of Burning Bridgeport Warehouse



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