Tailgate32 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Week 30

Tailgate32 Episode Number one in New York.

Tailgate32 is a web show and future cable TV show that follows the journey of brothers Mike and John Trupiano as they tour the country in a 42-foot RV to explore the American traditions of road tripping, tailgating, and professional football, 17 weeks, 32 games. 25,000 miles.

Game one of the Tailgate32 adventure began September 5th 2012 in New York and will end in New Orleans December 30th 2012 with the Tailgate32 final game of the season. Following the last game Mike and John with be a hosting a grande finale party in New Orleans.


Tailgate32 comes home to Chicago this Sunday for Week 30 of a 32 game schedule. This one looks like it will be a "Do or Die" week for the Chicago Bear's 2012 season. Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall called the match up Sunday against the Green Bay Packers "the biggest game of my career".

Going into this Sunday's "Season Tilting" noon kickoff, Chicago Bears dropped out of first place with a record of 8-5, loosing 4 of the last 5 games. Green Bay Packers are now in sole possession of first place in the division with a 9-5 record. If the Bears loose this game it's pretty much another "Wait till next year" season Chicagoans have grown to know "all too well".


Brothers Mike and John Trupiano pictured here in front of the 42-foot Tailgate32 RV.

Tailgate32 game day and contact info:


December 16th, 2012

Tailgate starts at 8 am CST and kickoff is at 12 pm. The Tailgate32 RV will be set up in the 31st Street lot, just off Moe Drive.

It is a FREE to the public tailgate. Tailgate32 will have heaps of BBQ, assisted by Sweet Baby Ray's, and plenty of Metropolitan beer to go around.

Twitter at @tailgate_32 with questions or if having trouble finding Mike and John on game day.


About John and Mike

John, 28, is a lifelong football fan, an entrepreneur and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a passion for adventure and feats of football derring-do. He once attended two NFL games on the same day (Bears-Redskins and Colts-Ravens in Week 1 2005) and, channeling his inner Jack Kerouac, once drove 2,700 miles from Baltimore to Los Angeles in 2.5 days - only to find that L.A. no longer had an NFL team. John is also a culinary athlete and has completed the McDonald's Triple Crown - consuming Mickey D's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. John's magnificent plumage should be declared a national treasure. The Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens are his favorite NFL teams.

Mike, 34, is a graduate of MIT, a hardcore football fan, an avid road tripper and a thrill seeker. His motorcycle trips include the Florida Keys and the various parts of the great Midwest, he and logged 200,000 miles on his old 1994 Ford Explorer, much of it on annual sports-stadium road trips. Mike and his Explorer once spent four hours stuck in a ditch off an Ontario highway and he knew it was time to dump the trusty old steed when it began to consume more steering fluid than gas. The Detroit Lions and New England Patriots are his favorite NFL teams.

Look for my post Sunday: Tailgate32 the Event

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