Night spots near my front door

Last night after my first post, I headed down the block for a few celebratory drinks with friends. One of the things I love about my neighborhood is that everything is so close.

Not far from my front door are great places and people! As I passed Rosebud's and Hawkeye's I started out at Vintage for a beer and chat with Robert and no doubt a shot. Moving on down the block, my old neighbor Mike was at the door of The Drum and Monkey so I had to stop and have a Stella. We shot the shit for sometime till I made my way down to see Anthony at Three Aces, they have a great beer selection and one of the best chefs in the city with out a doubt! Three Aces also has great bartenders. A few of the bartenders at Three Aces seem to know  I can't remember or able to pronounce the name of the beer I drink there, so they ask me if I would like a Scrimshaw. I say yes!  I like that in a place. After one there and more pleasant conversations with friends I made my way home. Not a bad night.

Then up at dawn to shoot the sunrise on the lakefront. It's the start of a great weekend!

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