How I Dealt with the Newton Tragedy News

Yesterday December 14th 2012, an unthinkable event occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. Even though it took place over 850 miles from me, it felt like it was in my own backyard. Up until this point, myself and many others have become "conditioned", watching daily death and destruction in news reports. I'm normally a "deals with it" type of person. Making it just another event, nothing close to home, not personally effecting. This was not one of those days for me.  It made me sad, withdrawn and very bewildered. I am not attempting to fill this page with every topic that goes into this very tragic event. I will convey my day and how I dealt with it.

Early start and off at 6:30 am for a half day of work and a holiday lunch with the company. Lunch began at 11:30, we ordered in a huge spread from Rosebuds. I had just finished up a great pasta meal when I finally looked at the Associated Press News App on my phone, it already sent me a few notices of the tragedy in Newtown. I was sitting with three others at the table as I read out loud "28 dead, 18 children" looks of shock and comments of dismay followed. Shortly after, all left the table and I was ready to head home. What I had read was echoing in my mind. I felt a need to express as I entered on my Facebook wall:

"OMG stop the craziness!!
Prayer to Newtown, Connecticut"

I then drove home listening to the news events. By the time I got home I could not take any more information. As I previously mentioned, I was sad, withdrawn and very bewildered. I did not know what to do and I and "shut down". I got into bed, pulled the blankets over my head and slept for hours.

Waking up around 5:00 pm, I thought I needed to do something normal so I tossed in some laundry and then decided to get out of the house. At the time I did not want to be with anyone but felt a need to be "Alone in a crowd". I grabbed my camera and got on the Blue Line Train and heading downtown for what turned out to be a 6 hour walk and photo shoot. Getting off the train at Lake and Clark, I traveled up and down Michigan Avenue, State Street, Division, Rush and spent some time at the furthest point on North Avenue Beach breakwater, all the time taking photographs. After 9:00 pm I got thirsty and stopped into P.J. Clarke's on North State Parkway for a Stella. As I was leaving, I gave up my seat to a women who was with her friends, on a bar crawl. I received a kiss in return.

After a number of hours walking alone taking pictures, a beer and a kiss from a complete stranger, the Newton Tragedy was further away from my current thoughts. I made my way back home, arriving  just about midnight.

Coping with tragedy takes many different forms for many different people.  Here are photographs capturing  "My Dealing with Newtown Tragedy News in Chicago", how I dealt with this night.

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