Instagram: These belong to me! Chicago at Night Photo Gallery

This post was prompted by the recent announcement that Instagram is making changes to the company’s terms of service agreement. This change would apparently allow all uploaded photos to be used by Instagram for their profit. Up until this point everything I read told me, "Photography was protected by the law through copyright and moral rights". I shot photos thinking the instant I pressed the button on my camera, I had ownership of the image.

Now I hear Instagram is looking to sell users photographs to advertisers for advertisements. This change does not currently effect me, given the fact I have never used Instagram. What may affect me in the future is the parent company of Instagram, Facebook.

Over the past months I have uploaded THOUSANDS of my photographs to Facebook for my enjoyment, along with my Facebook friends. I am now wondering how this change may affect my ability to share photos in the future. In any event I do love taking photographs and sharing them with those who enjoy them. Knowing ChicagoNow is a safe haven for photos, I've shared my Facebook album "Chicago at Night"

All can be used with proper approval and recognition. Just don't try to make a profit on them. I would view that as stealing.

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