Chasing Santa on the Blue Line

It's 4:15 and I'm all the way in Hoffman Estates heading towards the Eisenhower expressway. My friend Joan emailed me the Holiday Train schedule 2 days ago and I have been glancing at it ever since. I noticed Santa was on the Blue line traveling right by my house Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I could not make it Thursday because of the it's earlier schedule.

Today I have a shot at catching Santa on the Blue Line. Since the CTA Holiday Train was scheduled to arrive at the Forest Park stop at 5:32 and it is on my way home, I'm thinking YEAH. It's Friday rush hour and traffic is terrible,  it looks like I am never going to make it on time.  I'm listen to news radio 78, they are telling me there has been switching problems downtown on the Green and Red lines causing delays but not the Blue Line, Boo...  I continue to have my doubts about being able to photograph Santa and the Holiday Train.

I'm not on this little adventure because I am a train buff or I really need to see Santa because of the children, those days have past me by. No it is all for my simple pleasures. I have lived in the Chicago area my entire life and its just one of those things I have not done. So I hope today will be the day!

CTA Holiday Train Schedule

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