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Most Liked and Favorite Images of 2012

June 2nd 2012. Chicago Summer Skyline. I made many prints of this one and gave them as gifts.
2012 has been such a great year for me! I have taken thousands and thousands of photographs of this great city of Chicago that I call home. As I scanned over my thousands of images, here are two dozen images taken in 2012 that stood out

13 Easy Breezy New Year's Resolutions

13 Easy Breezy New Year's Resolutions
Now that Christmas is behind us and a new year is not far off, I started thinking about what, if any changes I will make for the New Year. As in pretty much everything I do, I did a little research and I was very surprised to find out that our government is keeping track of New Year’s Resolutions. Sure enough at Read more »

Christmas Holiday Windows on State Street: A Chicago Tradition

Locate on the 7th floor of  Macy's on State Street, The Walnut Room Christmas Tree.The Walnut Room is 17,000 square feet and seats approximately 600 guests at one time.
Christmas Holiday window displays on State Street have been a Chicago tradition since the early 1870’s. It started with the former Marshall Fields and Company flagship Building location on State Street in The Loop of downtown Chicago. It was officially renamed Macy’s on State Street on September 9, 2006. This tradition traces back to the early days of Marshall Field’s. Founded in 1852... Read more »

Mayan Apocalypse: Final Day Chicago Photo Gallery

Chicago 12/20/2012
Many media reports and tons of people have been talking about the Mayan Apocalypse. If you are one of the persons that has somehow missed the huge media coverage, briefly this is what I understand about it. According to interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end on Friday December 21, 2012. I... Read more »

Instagram: These belong to me! Chicago at Night Photo Gallery

Chicago at Night 2012
This post was prompted by the recent announcement that Instagram is making changes to the company’s terms of service agreement. This change would apparently allow all uploaded photos to be used by Instagram for their profit. Up until this point everything I read told me, “Photography was protected by the law through copyright and moral... Read more »

Jay Cutler with Waddle & Silvy at Hawkeye's

Waddle & Silvy Show with Jay Cutler at Hawkeye's 12/17/2012
Crowds of fans and media filled Hawkeye’s located at 1458 W. Taylor Street in Chicago this morning. It was a special broadcast of ESPN’S Waddle and Silvy Show staring Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Jay talked about Sundays game and some of the frustrations with this years season. Hawkeye’s was standing room only as some... Read more »

Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Tailgate Photo Gallery

Bear and Packer fans tailgating at the 31st street lot Sunday December 16th 2012
At 7:00 am Sunday morning in a parking lot off of 31st street the games have already begun with the pregame tailgate parties. This is the biggest game of the season for the Chicago Bears and kick off  is only 5 hours away!  Both Bears and Packers fans come together in this very friendly game day... Read more »

How I Dealt with the Newton Tragedy News

More news reports were filling my space, so I moved on.
Yesterday December 14th 2012, an unthinkable event occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. Even though it took place over 850 miles from me, it felt like it was in my own backyard. Up until this point, myself and many others have become “conditioned”, watching daily death and destruction in news reports. I’m normally a “deals with it” type of person. Making... Read more »

Tailgate32 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Week 30

Thumbnail image for 'Tailgate32 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Week 30'
Tailgate32 Episode Number one in New York. Tailgate32 is a web show and future cable TV show that follows the journey of brothers Mike and John Trupiano as they tour the country in a 42-foot RV to explore the American traditions of road tripping, tailgating, and professional football, 17 weeks, 32 games. 25,000 miles. Game... Read more »

Reflections of a City

Reflective image of the Wrigley Building on Michigan Ave. Taken on 12-12-12 at precisely 12:12 pm
12-12-12 12:12 Today is 12-12-12, the last major numerical date using the Gregorian or Christian calendar for almost another century. The next time three numbers will align as they did in 2009, 2010, 2011, occurred on 9-9-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 will be on January 1, 3001, or 1-1-1. This type of repeating-number will be the last of... Read more »