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Hello Chicago!

As one of the newest contributors to ChicagoNow,  I must tell you I LOVE Chicago and all it has to offer!

Born in Chicago just 2 miles from my current residence, which is in my Grandfather's old neighborhood near UIC / Rush in the Medical District / Little Italy. I lived in the Western Burbs most of my life. As a child and as young as 5 years old, I would take buses and trains from the burbs into Chicago. First it was just getting from point A to point B, then it became exploration! Now that I'm back living in the city I love, I am back to exploring and enjoying everything Chicago has to offer. I am very excited with this unique opportunity to share my adventures.

So when I am out and about exploring, I will carry a camera or two or as I like to say "Packing a Canon"  One thing I truly enjoy while I photograph our city, is I still see it with the same wonder as the young child that traveled the streets exploring many years ago. So this is my "Another Look at Chicago" to share with all!

My Pitch:

Proposed blog title: Another Look Chicago

Description: An interesting photographic view of Chicago's people, places and things!

Proposed idea: Photo's shot by Rick Lobes, a Chicago photojournalist with a sometimes unique street-wise-photographic view. Covering all of the neighborhoods in Chicago with unpredictable compositions that offer a genuinely candid look at the people and their lifestyles.

My Blog:



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