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The One Grammar Rule You Should Break!

This is Tony, the cat we added to our household a year or so ago, when he came to the door for his daily dinner and clearly asked to come inside, because he was tired of fighting for his life in the wild. Tony is a “he” – not an “it” – no matter what... Read more »

5 Reasons To Attend A Psychic Fair Even If You're A Skeptic

So you’re a skeptic and you don’t believe in New Age woo-woo stuff. Here are 5 reasons to attend an event with practitioners who can’t prove to you that their skills are real. 1. Question your concept of truth. Skeptics are as likely as anyone else to become entrenched in their own habitual responses. I... Read more »

Do Animals Know They Are Dying?

I found an intriguing blog post by Jessica Winter, in which she explores the question of whether her cat was trying to convey her own impending death.  Jessica consulted several scientists and did a great job of presenting a range of opinions about whether animals are conscious of their own mortality and will try to... Read more »

Elephants Journey to Pay Respects

Elephants Journey to Pay Respects
Elephants Journey to Pay Respects   Lawrence Anthony, author of The Elephant Whisperer, was well known for his work with elephants needing rehabilitation after the evil attacks of people in various parts of the world.  Two days after he died in early March 2012, a curious phenomenon was observed.  Two large females had led a... Read more »
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    Denise Norberg-Johnson

    Denise Norberg-Johnson is an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, who also works with animals and their people as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner. As a former biology teacher, construction contractor, business trainer and financial writer, she has spent her life engaged in a continuous learning process. An award-winning speaker and author, she has been interviewed on television, radio, and in print, and anticipates the publication of her book, "Animals Know! - What Animals Teach Us" in early 2013. Denise's formal education includes an M.B.A., a Masters degree in Teaching, a B.A. in Biological Science, and an A.A. in Architectural Interior Design. When she is not reading voraciously, dancing as if no one is watching, or attempting to play her junior high school violin recital pieces, she amuses herself by annoying her husband Dave and their six rescued cats.

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