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What Every Animal Rescuer Should Know

People who rescue animals are my heroes. Every day they face situations that would make most of us hysterical with anger and grief, and they do it because they are driven to save just one more starving, beaten, suffering creature. It’s hard to criticize anything they do with such compassion and positive intentions. Those of... Read more »

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog - Finally A Video That Shows What Animals Know!

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Usually I find animal videos with scripted words either condescending or completely wrong in how they portray animal conversations and attitudes. This entire playlist is charming, and the Dear Kitten video is very close to some of the transcriptions of animal communication sessions in my files. Animals really do know how to form relationships, but... Read more »

Rescuing Gracie - My Sister's Courageous Act

My mother, sister Sandy and I were returning from Sandy’s string teachers’ conference in Detroit a few years ago, and were about a hundred miles from Chicago, enjoying an uneventful road trip. Suddenly, Sandy – who was driving – burst out, “Mom, Dee, don’t look!” Naturally, we both did. There, in the middle lane of... Read more »

5 Ways Animals Have Changed What I Believe In

¬†Like most people, I arrogantly believed that I was more intelligent than other animals, and my beliefs were shaped by intellect and experience. For the past decade, the animals I meet have been changing what I believed about intelligence, emotions, spirituality, and living a rich and happy life. Here are 5 ways the animals have... Read more »

Can Anyone Communicate With Animals?

The first question clients and skeptics ask me is, “How did you know that you had the ability to be an animal whisperer?” I’m always happy to answer that everyone can learn to use animal communication techniques. Many people have heard of Monty Roberts, the “horse whisperer” or Cesar Millan, the “dog whisperer” and are... Read more »

Robin Williams Meets Koko The Gorilla

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My first year at Indiana University in Bloomington, I was a language major, and after switching to biological science as a sophomore, I thought I would find a career working with animals such as Koko the gorilla, who had learned more than 1,000 human words and was able to converse, proving that human beings were... Read more »

5 Reasons To Attend A Psychic Fair Even If You're A Skeptic

So you’re a skeptic and you don’t believe in New Age woo-woo stuff. Here are 5 reasons to attend an event with practitioners who can’t prove to you that their skills are real. 1. Question your concept of truth. Skeptics are as likely as anyone else to become entrenched in their own habitual responses. I... Read more »

What Do Animals Know? Experience animal communication this Saturday!

I’m often asked when I became aware that I was an “animal whisperer” and the truth is – never! I wasn’t the kind of kid who saw dead ancestors at the foot of my bed, and I didn’t have a conscious awareness of what my pets were trying to tell me. Maybe if I had,... Read more »

Locating Lost Pets

In my animal communication practice, I’m frequently asked about the possibility of locating lost pets. This is difficult work, and I continue to learn the newest techniques from practitioners who have a deeper understanding of the process of locating lost pets. Many animal communicators avoid lost pet work, for several reasons. A successful outcome is... Read more »

Do Animals Know They Are Dying?

I found an intriguing blog post by Jessica Winter, in which she explores the question of whether her cat was trying to convey her own impending death.¬† Jessica consulted several scientists and did a great job of presenting a range of opinions about whether animals are conscious of their own mortality and will try to... Read more »
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    Denise Norberg-Johnson

    Denise Norberg-Johnson is an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, who also works with animals and their people as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner. As a former biology teacher, construction contractor, business trainer and financial writer, she has spent her life engaged in a continuous learning process. An award-winning speaker and author, she has been interviewed on television, radio, and in print, and anticipates the publication of her book, "Animals Know! - What Animals Teach Us" in early 2013. Denise's formal education includes an M.B.A., a Masters degree in Teaching, a B.A. in Biological Science, and an A.A. in Architectural Interior Design. When she is not reading voraciously, dancing as if no one is watching, or attempting to play her junior high school violin recital pieces, she amuses herself by annoying her husband Dave and their six rescued cats.

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