Brandmeier Hates Animals


I remember Jonathon Brandmeier from decades ago, and actually had a call from him when I was involved in the leadership of the National Association of Women in Construction.  He wanted to mock me, the organization, whatever.  That's what he does.  I'm generally okay with that.  I have only one request - please promise never to talk about animals, never again.

I can overlook the fact that Brandmeier doesn't understand the demographics of the audience at his current radio station, that he rarely discusses anything of interest to me as a woman with self-respect, and that he has turned WGN's morning drive time into a fraternity party - and most of those really weren't very much fun, unless you were a guy who was a post-pubescent yahoo with loads of time to get focused about the future and pay off the student loan.  Unless I drank myself into oblivion from the ever-present "garbage can" punch, I would have had a more delightful experience in the seventh floor of the Indiana University library, where they kept the dusty folklore books with the photos of ghosts and demons.

Mr. Brandmeier has either never lived with an animal or was severely traumatized by someone's pet as a child.  He has the default button set to “laugh at” instead of “try some positive influence instead” as we heard this morning.  What a treat to hear the jovial banter about Bridgewater, New Jersey, and its method of dealing with those pesky turkey buzzards who are crapping all over the town.  Our U.S. Department of Agriculture (your tax dollars at work) assisted with a clever solution – just hand some carcasses of dead colleagues and they would fly away.

Buzz off! New Jersey neighborhood hangs dead vultures in trees to ward off pesky buzzards

It's always entertaining to think of new ways to rid ourselves of species that "invade" our environments, regardless of who came first and whether or not we understand the role that each and every organism is designed to play in the food cycle and the entire biosphere - that's the planet with its life forms, for those of you who flunked science class.  Obviously, I just don't have a good sense of humor.  Throw the darts and shoot the arrows, because I'm okay with playing the target, as long as we can have a less frivolous talk about what's funny.  Teasing, torturing, killing, and otherwise going to war with our fellow creatures isn't amusing to me, mostly because it requires us to separate ourselves from the rest of the living things around us.  We're all connected, and Brandmeier doesn't understand that.  He mocks when he could choose to embrace, and his humor is often just plain mean.

So, I'm going to say it again - Brandmeier hates animals.  I'm open to discussion, and hope that I can be proven wrong.  Just give me a call, Jon.



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    Lady... Grow up and get a life! Leave Johnny alone.

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