LAGNIAPPE: The Golden Hawg, BaconFest, Bakon Vodka, Joe Lunardi and Bracketology, Sexual Chocolate, Mr. Bacon and Texas Independence Day.

LAGNIAPPE:  The Golden Hawg, BaconFest, Bakon Vodka, Joe Lunardi and Bracketology, Sexual Chocolate, Mr. Bacon and Texas Independence Day.

Hello friends.

For those who have never lived in south Louisiana, you may not be familiar with the term lagniappe.

Lagniappe (pronounced: lan-yap) means “a little something extra” in Cajun country.

Each week, I try to post a “Lagniappe Blog” that is just me scattershooting about whatever pops in the old skull.

So here we go….

The Golden Hawg

Each week, Gregg will be announcing the winner of the coveted Golden Hawg Medallion.  This week it is Kevin Cuddihee of Kelly’s Pub in Lincoln Park for making his own bacon.  Last Sunday, several local folks got together at Kelly’s for the Great American Race (Dayton 500).

Kevin Maquire D-Bag

Kevin chose to delight our tastebuds with his culinary skills and the centerpiece was of course the pig…his slices homemade heaven.  Great job Kevin and keep up the good work.  Hopefully, you will get that stolen smoker replaced soon.

Mark Your Calendar Eight Dude

Now that bacon has moved back into the mainstream of American culture, several communities across the country have begun to celebrate the greatness of cured pig.

Chicago BaconFest 2012 is coming up on April 14th at the UIC Forum.  Unfortunately, the event is already SOLD OUT but you might want to check with your local ticket scalper to see if he has anything available.  Also, our booking staff is working to set up an interview with BaconFest Co-Founder Seth Zurer sometime before the event.

On June 2, BaconFest Michigan 2012 will be held in Royal Oak.  Your humble correspondent has already made plans to cover this event for the pig-curious.

Featured Bacon Product

Frequently, the staff at “And They Called It Pork” will stumble upon an item or product that uses the “Candy of Meats” to help make this crazy old world a much better place.  This week, one of our researchers saw Bakon Vodka.  While he was much too drunk to mix a little vodka in with his Malört, this new flavor of vodka definitely has promise.  I have a very good feeling that Virgil Cain will be trying this vodka in his Bloody Bills during the trip to Texas for the Samsung 500.

Bakon Vodka

“Well, That's Just Like Your Opinion, Man”

Joe Lunardi is a hack…plain and simple.  The self-proclaimed worldwide leader has made this former college sports information director into a celebrity and faux expert on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket.

Joe Lunardi Dumbass Bracketologist

According to the Bracket Project, “Joey Brackets” ranks 27th  of the 44 Bracketologists.  That’s right.  With all of ESPN’s inside information and power, this is the best he can do?  For many years, they did not even post his previous brackets so you could not go back and see how far off of his early selections were compared with the final bracket.  It is not that hard to pick the teams after conference tournaments are done.

Also, Joey is never around immediately after Selection Sunday to talk about how bad he did.  I am sick of this guy and I look forward to the start of the tournament because that marks the time when this little rug-wearing toad goes back under his rock for eight months.

“I’m Not Gumby Damn It…I’m Mr. Bacon!”

During last month’s review of Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub, I noticed something that was part of the decorations around the bar.  As everyone knows, I love almost all things pork, especially bacon, but this item gave me the creeps.

Mr. Bacon

It is a toy called Mr. Bacon…a pork-flavored Gumby if you will.  He has a creepy smiling face and sports big black clown shoes.  GF NOTE:  I HATE CLOWNS AND ANYTHING THAT IS LIKE A CLOWN!

“Put Your Hands Together For Mr. Randy Watson!”

As most people who know me or just read this blog, Gregg is a fan of the craft beers.  I especially like the creativity most brewers use when naming their brews.

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Stout

My recent favorite is Sexual Chocolate Stout from Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  “It tastes so fine…don’t you agree.”

Happy Texas Independence Day

Each March 2, Texans all over the world celebrate Texas Independence Day.  In 1836, Texas declared its in independence from Mexico during the Texas Revolution.

And to honor the great event, Texas has a little something special this year.  For the first time since the Republic of Texas was annexed by the United States in 1845, Texas has its own naval fleet.  The modern Texas Navy consists of six Rio Grande River gunboats.

GF NOTE:  Thanks to all my good friends out at the Mt. Prospect police auction for reading this blog regularly.

Bluesmobile Mt. Prospect Police Auction

That is all for this week folks…enjoy and stay classy.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Hey, doll. Could you scare up another round for our table over here? And tell the cook this is low-grade dog food. I've had better food at the ballgame, you know? This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it.”

COMING UP NEXT:  Family Guy except on the West Coast.


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  • Except for Sexual Chocolate, as Statler and Waldorf said: "There is something not Kosher here."

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    Lemme know how Virgil's Bloody Bills turn out. This might have to be my new early morning tailgate beverage.

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