Celebrity Q&A with Virgil Cain: Published NASCAR Chef, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Celebrity Q&A with Virgil Cain: Published NASCAR Chef, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Hello friends.

Another feature of this blog will be an occasional celebrity interview and this week I was finally able to catch up with acclaimed Southern NASCAR Chef, motivational speaker and life coach Virgil Cain.

Vigil has been a regular guest on the Williams and Hyatt radio show over the last few years and has had recipes published on NASCAR.com.  A Georgia native, Virgil recently relocated to Stone Mountain and is currently working on a commercial line of Virgil Cain seasonings and sauces.

On Tuesday, I met Virgil for lunch at a Hooters in Smyrna, Ga.

GF:  Virgil...good to see you again and thank you for taking the to meet me today.

VC:  See you again?  I don't know you.

GF:  Well Virgil, we have met a couple of times at Texas Motor Speedway.  You came to our campsite.  You cooked for us.  O6 Racing...that ring a bell?

VC:  Never heard of it.

GF:   OK...I am sure that was someone else passed out in our Port-A-Let covered in chicken wing sauce, but on to the interview.  Virgil, Americans are fascinated with celebrities.  I am curious why you think you are a celebrity?

VC:  Well son you have already answered that question yourself.  You came all the way to Atlanta to interview me.  That speaks volumes my friend.

GF:  Not really...I was already in Atlanta on business.

VC:  By the way, what paper is it you write for again?

GF:  I have a blog on ChicagoNow.  I don't write for a newspaper.

VC:  Blog...is that one of those alternative lifestyle magazines?

GF:  Yes it is.  Let's move along.  In a recent radio interview, you talked about a 19-step program that you recently completed.  Can you talk to us about that and how it is helping you?

VC:  No...next question.

GF:  Well, I have been told you have battled demons for many years and that this is your latest attempt at sobriety.

VC:  Define sobriety?

GF:  OK.  Why don't we move on to something else.  You just moved from Rome to Stone Mountain, Ga. Why the move and how is it going?

VC:  Obviously, I wanted a fresh start and being closer to Atlanta is a positive.  Several other celebrities live in Stone Mountain...like wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  Also, when you have three ex-wives in one town it is time to roll on.

GF:  Are you in a relationship now?

VC:  You need to put an "s" on that Gary.  I always try and keep a few on a string.  There is this Randi girl up around your neck of the woods that is looking for a big piece of Virgil right now.

It was at this point that Virgil's cell phone rang and he started a 10-minute conversation about, of all things, high school basketball.

GF:  Virgil, you are definitely a man of many talents.  I had no idea that you were also into basketball.

VC:  Really didn't know who that was.  It was a wrong number.

GF:  Then why did you talk with them for 10 minutes?

VC:  Well, my new cell number must have belonged to an old junior college basketball coach because people call this number all the time.  I do like basketball and I don't like to disappoint folks so I just let them think they are talking to a coach.  I'm just glad the number did not belong to a soccer coach because I hate that crap.

GF:  With Daytona coming up in a couple of weeks, I am sure you are getting ready for the NASCAR season.  What is the first race you will attend?

VC:  I will be doing a cooking demonstration for some folks down at Texas in April.  Virgil likes Texas.

GF:  Virgil, I think that is my race group you will be doing the appearance for.

VC:  I don't think so, Gary.

GF:  How is the website coming? I know you were having some issues.

VC:  Still litigating with NASCAR and Paula Deen...next question.

GF:  Are you going to provide any recipes today for the folks that read this blog?

VC:  Did you bring my appearance fee.

GF:  Appearance fee?  I was not aware of any fee.

VC:  Well...bye.

That ended the interview.  Virgil stood up, hugged our waitress and told her I had the tab.

After finishing my coffee, I asked for the check and much to my amazement...the lunch tab was $346. Virgil had made himself available at the Hooters' merchandise stand.

Still trying to figure out what he will do with five pairs of thongs.

Goodbye everyone and stay classy.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Listen, Mr. Kansas Law Dog. Law don't go around here. Savvy?"

COMING UP:  Bacon...the Candy of Meats.


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  • Thanks for booking my client... I'm sure your traffic doubled. You're welcome. Now hire an editor. Good day.

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    In reply to Gerald Humphries:

    You seem to be a very smart man Mr Humphries, I have opened 3 locations in the Atlanta area, I am trying to locate said Chef Virgil Cain I have Samples of his Sauce after listening to him on the radio I never realized he was a Recovering Alcoholic. I have hired Drunks before most have worked out. Well you know how to get a hold of me, Please contact me friend. Thank you for any help. Always your friend Chuck

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    I tried Chef Virgil Cains Product and Recipes He is a accomplished Chef indeed Hope he has a greater career ahead. He is a Talent!

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