DMK Burger: How Many Pigs Does This Lakeview Burger Joint Get On Gregg's Scale?

DMK Burger:  How Many Pigs Does This Lakeview Burger Joint Get On Gregg's Scale?

Hello Friends.

Thought that I would work a restaurant review into the blog this week.

DMK Burger Bar

954 N Sheffield Avenue (between Oakdale Ave & Wellington Ave)
Chicago, IL 60657

Over the last few months, I have wanted to try DMK Burger in Lakeview.  Several friends have mentioned it and has seemed to work its way into the discussions of  “Top Burger” in Chicago.

DMK owners Michael Kornick and David Morton decided to jump on the gourmet burger bar craze and ride it to a successful restaurant venture and have had enough success to open a second location in Lombard.

I had very high expectations for this burger spot and decided to meet a friend there for dinner last Thursday evening.  We decided to meet there at 7:30 since we had both heard about long waits and DMK does not take reservations.  We arrived there right on time and the place looked packed.  Much to my surprise, we were seated immediately even though it was at the end of a long European style tall table.  GF NOTE: I would not suggest taking a large group to DMK.

The craft beer selection was impressive with about a half dozen quality crafts on tap, including one of my favorites…Left Hand Milk Stout.  I chose to go with the Ommegang Hennepin instead of the London Gentleman or the Blackbeard’s Delight.  Full disclosure:  I have a place in central New York and love anything by the Cooperstown brewery.  I always order it any chance I get since I do not see it that often in Chicago.

Our server was pleasant and attentive.  The menu is compact but does provide for plenty of side options.  The specials though were uninspiring.  I decided on the patty melt (smoked bacon, burnt onions, remoulaude, smoked Swiss on griddled rye).  Since I hate rye, I asked for mine on a baked bun.  While that request was granted, DMK will only cook meat medium and would not make my patty meat medium well.

Served on a small five-inch plate, the patty melt was smaller than expected, about half the size of Kuma’s, but did have a good flavor.  As a pig connoisseur, I felt the smoked bacon was well below average and lacked the explosion of pigtastic flavor that sets aside certain burgers or sandwiches.

We decided to share two sides:  a small order of sea salt and black pepper fries with house ketchup and the special black and blue mac and cheese.  The fries were outstanding but if you do not like your spuds well done you might not like these.  The portion was tiny and the house ketchup nothing special.  As for the special mac and cheese, it was unmemorable.

The saving grace of the night was the dessert.  Two homemade chocolate chip cookies with a generous helping of gourmet Petersen vanilla ice cream in the center.  It was freshly made and had a wonderful flavor.  Other than my appetizer of Hennepin and the fries, this was the only item I sampled that is a “must order” from the current menu.

Overall, the experience was disappointing and only rates THREE (3) PIGS on GREGG'S FIVE (5) PIG scale.  I will probably try DMK again sometime but will definitely explore the menu.  It will take more for me to put it in my favorite Chicago burger list.  DMK is not in the same class with Kuma's or several other popular burger spots.

PROS: Trendy (if you like trendy), Decent Burger, Really Good Fries, Beer Selection, Ice Cream Sandwich

CONS:  Trendy (if you don’t like trendy), Loud, Small Plates, Overpriced

Good day friends and stay classy.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  I want a hamburger. No, cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake. I want potato chips…You'll get nothing, and like it!”

COMING UP:  Bacon…The Candy of Meats.


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  • DMK, in my opinion, is my least favorite specialty burger restaurant in the city. After my first, and only, time there, I vowed to never go back. When you can't specify how you want it cooked, I take issue with that. I understand that this isn't Burger King and I shouldn't always get it "my way" but having to take the burger medium is ridiculous to me.

    You are better off going up the street to Kirkwood for a burger.

    This ranks well below all of the following, in no particular order.
    Devon Seafood and Grill
    Green Door Tavern
    Butcher and the Burger

    For a town that has so many good places to get a burger, I will never go back to DMK.

  • I was underwhelmed...not a good value by any stretch of the imagination. There are many bars across this city with better. Thanks for the comment.

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