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Chicago Police Torture victim Melvin Jones has died, reported by Wallace "Gator" Bradley and Mark Clements

  Chicago Police Torture victim Melvin Jones has died   Contributed by Mark Clements January 21, 2014 at 7:19pm   We are sad to announce that Chicago Police torture survivor Melvin Jones has died. It was reported to the Campaign to End the Death Penalty through Chicago Community activists Urban Translator Wallace “Gator” Bradley that... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Defends His "Urban Translator" Work As Political Consultant To Candidates Who Are Judges And Have Become Judges

Veteran political activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley, issued several public statements regarding a recent local and nationally run news feature on WGN-TV and other local and national media outlets regarding his “Urban Translator” work as a political consultant with candidates who are judges and who have become sitting judges.    Contact Wallace “Gator” Bradley at 312-371-6914... Read more »

WBEZ-Public Radio Officials To Meet With Activists, National Black Wall Street Organization Leader Mark S. Allen, and "Urban Translator" Wallace "Gator" Bradley Over Cancellation of Talk Show featuring Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West

WBEZ-Public Radio Officials To Meet With Activists, National Black Wall Street Organization Leader Mark S. Allen, and “Urban Translator” Wallace “Gator” Bradley Over Cancellation of Talk Show featuring Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West Torey Malatia, President and CEO of Chicago Public media, Daniel Ash, Vice President of Strategic planning and development for WBEZ have... Read more »

More leaders and activists join campaign Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Murder To Excellence" Anti-Violence Campaign

Bishop Tavis Grant, Rev. B. Herbert Martin, Business leader Mother Josephine Wade and others today joined other ministers, activists, teachers, parents, in Chicago are today appealing to Clear Channel urban radio to feature the new song by Kanye West and Jay Z “Murder To Excellence” as a way to capture the mindset of urban youth... Read more »

Clear Channel Radio Appeal that Jay Z & Kanye West new song "Murder To Excellence" Can Help Mindset to Stop The Violence endorsed by key religious leaders

Can Jay-Z and Kanye West Help Stop The Violence? Coalition of Key Interfaith Religious leaders, activists, parents, teachers, at-risk youth groups and others appeal to Clear Channel to kick off new STOP THE VIOLENCE radio campaign featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new “Murder To Excellence” song Key religious leaders include Bishop Cody Marshall, Bishop Dr.... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley delivers over 200, 000 Grassroots contacts for Illinois Appellate Court Justice Joy Cunninghams Campaign For Illinois Supreme Court

Yesterday, I was invited to a weekly campaign meeting for the historic campaign of Illinois Appellate Court Justice Joy Cunningham’s campaign for Illinois Supreme Court. Historic in that the Illinois Supreme Court already has made history with the election of its first female and the first Black male, and when elected Justice Cunningham would break... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Goes To Court Again Against Attorney Frank Avila July 20 For $238,000

Veteran Political Activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley (Urban Translator) takes his continued fight for $238,000 from Attorneys Frank Avila along with Ivan Tomic, Carl Barry and Adam Loewy. On July 20th Bradley will appear in The Honorable Judge Allen Goldberg’s courtroom 2303 min The Richard J. Daley Center. Specifically Bradley is asking that the court have... Read more »

Statement By Wallace "Gator" Bradley On New Federal Lawsuit by Melvin Jones, Victim of Jon Burge

STATEMENT BY WALLACE “GATOR” BRADLEY ON NEW FEDERAL LAWSUIT BY MELVIN JONES, VICTIM OF JON BURGE 312-371-6914   This is good, the most important thing is the fact that he was tortured, framed by Jon Burge and Crew; it was covered up; he sent to the joint for life, did six (6) years, Judge Pincham... Read more »

Victim of Jon Burge Says Verdict A Victory For The Services Of Wallace "Gator" Bradley's Leadership

MARK ALLEN TALKS — No matter what notable cause or work that Wallace “Gator” Bradley does in his life, the mainstream media wre quick to publicly remind Bradley’s clients, potential clients, colleagues and public that Bradley is a former gang member and seeks to taint whatever project that Bradley works on, but Bradley for over 20... Read more »