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Wallace Gator Bradley Withdraws His Endorsement of Fioretti and Now Endorses Rahm !

Veteran activist Wallace Gator Bradley aka (The Urban Translator) made the following public statement today that …. “THE URBAN TRANSLATOR SAYS,”I used to believe that Alderman Fioretti would have made a great Mayor for the city of Chicago. As a matter of fact I endorsed him. Then he showed me that HE HAS NO INTEGRITY!... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley challenges Cook County States Attorney to release Torture Victims

In the current edition of ‘The Bradley Report” The Urban Translator, veteran activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley and others are calling on Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez to release Mr. Gerald Reed, Mr. George Anderson, Mr. Greyland Johnson and the other three men who The Illinois Torture Relief Commission said were tortured. Thank you for... Read more »