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Wallace "Gator" Bradley Highlights Sun Times Story On Rahm In Clinton Administration As Direct Causes 20 Years Later On Roots Of Urban Violence

Veteran activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley states that the only way Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel can truthfully turn the tide on the Senseless Shootings and Killings of African-Americans by other African-Americans,  should start with Rahm’s acknowledgement of what part he played from his former roles as Congressman voting against urban jobs and over 300 times against... Read more »

Don't Take Power Over Evictions Away from the Court and County Sheriff: Urge Your State Representative to Vote Against HB 5395

Don’t Take Power Over Evictions Away from the Court and County Sheriff: Urge Your State Representative to Vote Against HB 5395 Vote May Be As Soon As Tuesday Morning: Please Take Action Right Now The Illinois House of Representatives may be voting very soon on House Bill 5395, sponsored by Representative Monique Davis.  The legislation... Read more »

Response To Sun Times Laura Washington Column "Black Leaders Have 'Fair Share' Fears"

The Rev. Al Sharpton called Mark Allen “One of Chicago’s legendary political activists   The problem with Chicago Sun Times Columnist Laura Washington’s May 9, 2011 column on “Black leaders have ‘fair share’ fears is that it is just as reactive and not proactive as is the Black leaders as well as Black media’s lack... Read more »

Sun-Times Neil Steinberg Unintended Source Of New Support For Braun Mayoral Campaign

The Veteran Sun Times Columnist Neil Steinberg made it crystal clear to me that he “does not like” Carol Moseley Braun and thinks “she is a joke,” so with that, it would unlikely that Steinberg would accept any type of request to help support the candidacy of Carol Moseley Braun, but he has done a... Read more »

Black Community Protest At Sun Times Over Columnist Neil Steinberg's Insults To Carol Moseley Braun, Black Leaders, and Black Press

On Tuesday, Dec. 28th at 12 Noon a cross section of leadership from the Black coommunity will stage a public demonstration and press conference against the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper at 350 N. Orleans near the Chicago River. African-American clergy, business owners and community leaders expressed outrage over a column written by Neil Steinberg in the... Read more »

Silence Kills -- AND Keeps Some People Alive !

Today, The Chicago Sun-Times offered the first in a series of editorials to support the CAPS Silence Kills Campaign, noting the number of unsolved killings where their are people out there who absolutely know who participated in these kiilings and other unsolved acts of violence but will not come forward and be labeled a “snitch,”... Read more »