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Farrakhan Takes Over 300 Members To Streets Of Chicago With Stop The Violence Message, Applauded By Black Wall Street Leaders and Others

BLACK WALL STREET LEADER SALUTES MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN FOR TAKING THE BLACK WALL STREET SPIRIT TO THE STREETS OF CHICAGO TO STOP THE VIOLENCE As a veteran Black community activist of over 40 years and current local and national representative of The Black Wall Street Organization, I want to offer the Black Wall Street public... Read more »

Faith without works is WHAT? Stop The Violence !

WHEN? Do We STOP The Economic Violence in Our Communities that lead to so much of the tensions and physical violence? Yes Lets go pray but lets not forget that “Faith without WORKS is WHAT?” We USED to put THOUSANDS of our people to work right in our own communities when we HAD an insult... Read more »

More leaders and activists join campaign Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Murder To Excellence" Anti-Violence Campaign

Bishop Tavis Grant, Rev. B. Herbert Martin, Business leader Mother Josephine Wade and others today joined other ministers, activists, teachers, parents, in Chicago are today appealing to Clear Channel urban radio to feature the new song by Kanye West and Jay Z “Murder To Excellence” as a way to capture the mindset of urban youth... Read more »

Clear Channel Radio Appeal that Jay Z & Kanye West new song "Murder To Excellence" Can Help Mindset to Stop The Violence endorsed by key religious leaders

Can Jay-Z and Kanye West Help Stop The Violence? Coalition of Key Interfaith Religious leaders, activists, parents, teachers, at-risk youth groups and others appeal to Clear Channel to kick off new STOP THE VIOLENCE radio campaign featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new “Murder To Excellence” song Key religious leaders include Bishop Cody Marshall, Bishop Dr.... Read more »

Former CeaseFire Activist Challenges CeaseFire and Others on The Desperate Economic Conditions That Must Be Addressed For Peace In The Hood !

As a former volunteer and strong supporter of CeaseFire and other crime intervention and prevention groups, I am making this personal and public appeal to them all that we MUST step up and expand our direct action campaigns to focus on the desperate economic conditions that will continue to drive people into a summer of tension... Read more »

Dr. Carl Bell's Principles Key To Bringing "Peace In The Hood," a renewed effort to reclaim the mindset of those commiting crime

I am proud to be promoting a new grassroots funding proposal for “Peace In The Hood,” led by The Black Star Projects Phillip Jackson, an effort to not just proclaim “Stop The Violence,” but once again incorporating the much needed “hands-on” efforts to reclaim the proper mindset of thoise who would at risk for commiting... Read more »