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Missed opportunity from The Chicago Mayoral Debate at DuSable Museum

Missed opportunity from The Chicago Mayoral Debate   The Chicago Mayoral debate was hosted in a historic Black community where Gospel Music was born; in a historic Black museum; co hosted by a historic Black radio station WVON, a Black advocacy group like The Chicago Urban League; allegedly with subject matter of importance to the Black... Read more »

hopes to file 40,000 signatures before the filing deadline. Dr. Willie Wilson to run for mayor of Chicago     Will run city humanely and inclusive By Chinta Strausberg Just when you think 66-year-old Dr. Willie Wilson has done everything being a deacon, a philanthropist, a successful businessman, a recording artist and the producer of... Read more »

Wallace Gator Bradley Withdraws His Endorsement of Fioretti and Now Endorses Rahm !

Veteran activist Wallace Gator Bradley aka (The Urban Translator) made the following public statement today that …. “THE URBAN TRANSLATOR SAYS,”I used to believe that Alderman Fioretti would have made a great Mayor for the city of Chicago. As a matter of fact I endorsed him. Then he showed me that HE HAS NO INTEGRITY!... Read more »

Rahm Roseland Supporter and CNN Heroe Program Closed? How Can She Be One Of Rahms Partners For Peace With Closed Doors?

How can The Mayor be sincere when he went to Roseland and one of his supporters Diane Latiker closed her offices in Roseland a few days ago for lack of funding and in NO WAY prepared to be even support the youth she used to help save, so the Mayor needs to go back and... Read more »

Wallace "Gator" Bradley Highlights Sun Times Story On Rahm In Clinton Administration As Direct Causes 20 Years Later On Roots Of Urban Violence

Veteran activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley states that the only way Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel can truthfully turn the tide on the Senseless Shootings and Killings of African-Americans by other African-Americans,  should start with Rahm’s acknowledgement of what part he played from his former roles as Congressman voting against urban jobs and over 300 times against... Read more »

Public Building Commission (PBC) Won't Penalize CPS Contractors For Not Hiring Black Contractors And Workers Even In Majority Black Communities?

PBC Wont Penalize CPS Contractors For Not Hiring Black Contractors? Public Building Commission Memo Lets CPS Contractors Off Hook On Hiring Black Contractors Even in Majority Black communities? Recently, our legendary 90 year old Black business icon Ed Gardner attended a Public Building Commission meeting and publicly challenged PBC Chairman Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and... Read more »

Will Barbara Byrd Bennett, Mayor Emanuel Respond To Allegations That Blacks Locked Out Of $100 Million Food Contract With RFP Deadline April 30th?

Will CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett Ignore Grassroots Black Leadership Request  For Urgent Meeting Regarding Blacks Inability To Apply For New $100 Million Dollar Food Service Contract That Has April 30th Deadline? Does Mayor Emanuel and His City Contracting Department Approve This Exclusion of Black Community Food Manufacturer and Other Qualified Black Service Providers while doing... Read more »

Ed Gardner Attends Chicago Public Building Commission April 9th Monitoring Black Community Contracting Equity

ALL HANDS ON DECK TODAY!! PLEASE Join legendary Black business icon Mr. Ed Gardner, his “Gardner Initiative”  Bob Israel, of Save Our Communities Coalition and part of The National Black Wall Street Chicago Black Contractors and Workers Coalition and others at 2:30pm TODAY April 9th @ 50 W. Washington (Daley Center) 2fl Board Room. Chicago... Read more »

Mayor Emanual Insults Karen Lewis, Now Icon Ed Gardner, Writes Carl West of TruthBTold News Service

Mr. Gardner speaks at “Power Breakfast,” with Clarence Wood listening (Photo: COAL) mayor rahm Has Done it Again! The mayor of Chicago has not only diss CTU’s Karen Lewis, but now he has shown his true colors in terms of having very little respect for a legend and icon like Mr. Ed Gardner. The mayor... Read more »

Call On Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Stop The Disrespect of Chicago Black Business Icon Ed Gardner - Meet With Gardner Directly On This Issue Of Black Contractors and Workers On City and Community Job Sites

National Black Wall Street Chicago Calls On Chicago’s Black Leadership to Call On Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Stop The Disrespect of Chicago Black Business Icon Ed Gardner and accept Mr. Gardner’s personal request to meet and join him on touring construction sites across the city and in majority Black communities to see the lack... Read more »