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MARK ALLEN TALKS at Black Star Project's SUNDAY UNIVERSITY, Sunday July 19th

Some can HEAR MY VOICE – MARK ALLEN TALKS at The Black Star Project’s SUNDAY UNIVERSITY Sunday July 19th at 2:30 PM, at The Black Star Project, located at 3509 South King Drive — and thank Phillip Jackson for my new role as PROFESSOR Mark Allen. It was also Phillip Jackson who last year who... Read more »

Phillip Jackson Commentary - "America Has Lost A Generation Of Black Boys"

I am pleased to share this hard hitting national commentary by one of my contributor’s and long time allies in the struggle, Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project America Has Lost  A Generation of Black Boys Who are young black women going to marry? Who is going to build and maintain the economies of... Read more »

News from The Black Star Project and Phillip Jackson

  If you are not willing to take your child to a free, Saturday small-group learning center, then you are part of the cause for your child’s failure. And if you are not willing to volunteer your time to educate Black children, please do not criticize us for educating Black children.  Saturday University – Greater Bethesda Campus... Read more »

Black Star Project Recruiting 500 Tutors For "Saturday University"

            Those who control the education of the children, control the future of that race.                                                                           Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project   The Black Star Project’s Saturday University Will the serious educators who want to educate Black children and Black People please join us? Black People Across America Must Take Control of the... Read more »

Congressman Rush, Rev. Jackson, Activists, Unity Meeting On Chicago Violence Call For United Front Meeting/Rally at PUSH Saturday, July 3rd

MARK ALLEN TALKS — United Front among various poltical, religious, activists, and grassroots leaders and organizations and our collective efforts at fighting the rise in violence in the Black and poor communities !! This Saturday at from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM the main auditorium of Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Congressman Bobby Rush and Rev. Jesse L.... Read more »

Mark Allen says that Ronald Holt received a "symbolic" appointment as new CAPS head and must overcome how Daley & Weis' decisions set him up for failure

MARK ALLEN TALKS — Ronald Holt Must Overcome Chicago Mayor Daley’s “Symbolic” Appointment as new Director of Chicago’s community policing program   I called Ronald Holt and congratulated him on accepting the appointment by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley as the new Director of the C.A.P.S. (Community Alternative Pocicing Strategies) program, and how he was going... Read more »

Chicago Homicides Are Up 4% And are Going To Continue To Rise; And Here's Why Our People Will Continue To Die!

MARK ALLEN TALKS — Chicago Homicides Rising Under No Alarm Mark S. Allen, Associate Editor The South Street Journal Newspaper, Founder of The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI , and Board member of The Black Wall Street-Chicago Grassroot Economic Empowerment Project  449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60616 312-624-8351 or 773-392-0165   “Chicago... Read more »

20 month (2 yr old) Cynia Cole's shooting in Chatham is the example of why Chicago police chief Jody Weis's new summer policing plan will NOT work

How does a simple deployment of new police officers address the state of mind, social conscioussness, lack of respect of law enforcement, and the ongoing street battles over desperatew economic conditionns that drive the vionece, plan to stop it ? ? Where are the plans to deal “hands-on” with the mindet of a people, OR... Read more »

Dr. Carl Bell's Principles Key To Bringing "Peace In The Hood," a renewed effort to reclaim the mindset of those commiting crime

I am proud to be promoting a new grassroots funding proposal for “Peace In The Hood,” led by The Black Star Projects Phillip Jackson, an effort to not just proclaim “Stop The Violence,” but once again incorporating the much needed “hands-on” efforts to reclaim the proper mindset of thoise who would at risk for commiting... Read more »

I do not support calling the National Guard To Patrol Chicago streets - Why not address an economic issue with economic solutions?

If the foundation of much of Chicago crime is rooted in the battle of people trying desperate, illegal, and deadly means to make an economic living for themselves and their families, WHY do people want to keep trying to resolve an ecxonomically rooted problem with more legal and law enforcoement remedies? Is it easier for... Read more »