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Legendary Lu Palmer Award to Mark Allen at Community Activist Awards Saturday February 8th

Legendary Lu Palmer Award to Mark Allen at Community Activist Awards Saturday February 8th The recipient of the legendary “Lu Palmer Award” at this years 7th Annual Community Activist Awards is veteran activist “Mark Allen” Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago. Come out and support him Saturday, February 8th @ At The PRINCE HALL... Read more »

National Unity Summit (formerly National Gang Summit) In Chicago September 27-28

  National Unity Summit Review is being held Sept. 27-28, 2013 at House of Hope, 752 E. 114th St. The event begins with a memorial service for 500 gun-violence victims. For more info contact Bonnie Winfrey, 815-744-5340. NATIONAL UNITY SUMMIT REVIEW ______________________________ ___________________________________________________ Formerly National Gang Summit _________________________________________________________________________________ “I was one those community organizers of... Read more »

Ed Gardner Calls For 10,000 Blacks To Rally For Black Contracts Sunday September 30, Mobilization Continues Wednesday September 30th

National Black Wall Street Chicago joins Ed Gardner’s BLACK on BLACK LOVE organization, Save Our Community Coalition and others as we continue to direct action action organize on construction sites. We are inviting unemployed construction workers to come prepared dressed for work as we add you to our database of prepared workers ready to work... Read more »

City Council Black Caucus Should Block Park District/CTAContracts To Firm With Allegations of Violating Black/Minority/MBE Rules

Veteran Black activists Wallace “Gator” Bradley of The United In Peace Organization, Mark Allen, Chairman of The National Black Wall Street Chicago organization and community Black construction worker coalitions and others today say they are calling on City Council Black Caucus Chairman Howard Brookins, Jr and The City Council Black Council to immediately seek to... Read more »

WVON’s former news director, Sharon K. McGhee, dead at 54

“My heart is TOO HEAVY at news of the death Sharon McGhee, a friend and former colleague at WVON. But Dear God. THANK YOU for an absolute gem, personally and professionally and sorry I did not get a chance to complete the “pocketbook” man voice she talked to me about, but thank God for her... Read more »

Community Activist Mark Allen and CHOSEN 12th Annual Mothers Day Dinner and Steppers Set for 500 Mothers!

PRESS RELEASE Friday, May 6, 2011 MOTHERS DAY EVENT — STILL AND VIDEO PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES   What other Chicago Community Activist will be feeding up to 500 community mothers for Mothers Day this Sunday for $10 or less?   Veteran Community Activist Mark Allen and the group CHOSEN presents their 12th Annual Mothers Day Sit... Read more »

Veteran Black Activist/Journalist Mark Allen Offers Analysis & Direction For Chicago Gang Leadership Meeting, Media & Leadership Responses

Personal and group Media Availability after 3:30 PM at the offices of The South Street Journal Newspaper and Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI 449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60616  (Office) 312-624-8351 (Mobile) 773-392-0165 Veteran Black Activist/Journalist Mark Allen Offers Analysis & Direction For Chicago Gang Leadership Meeting, Media & Leadership Responses Characterizations... Read more »

The "Movement" Chicago "Gang" Leaders Press Conference Thursday, September 2nd, Against Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis !

WHY Does Jody Weis have to result to “ambushing” alleged gang leaders and create non-existent “meetings,” when there are people like myself, Wallace “Gator” Bradley, former gang leader, now Minister Jim Allen so many others who have street rapport with former gang leaders and at-risk youth and adults that Weis, Mayor Daley and New CAPS... Read more »

Quinn Lays You Off and Cohen Gets You Hired? Over 40 Companies Ready To Hire at Cohen Jobs Fair Thursday August 19th !

“This is an interesting observation to watch in the Black and grassroots communities about how Governor Quinn is viewed as one who explains why he has to cut programs and services that are laying people of work, and then here comes Scott Lee Cohen with almost 40 companies saying they are ready to hire now... Read more »

Mark Allen, BLDI Seeks Clarity On Supreme Court Case That Says 25,000 Petition Signature Requirement For Independent Campaigns Violates 14th Amendment !

Veteran political activist/journalist Mark Allen, founder & President of The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI, says that he will seek clarity from The Chicago & State Election Boards as well as those familiar witrh election law on a Supreme Court ruling (see attached section 2) which seems to state that it’s a violation of a provision of... Read more »
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    One of the first community organizers to work with Barack Obama in Chicago for over 20 years. Chairman, National Black Wall Street Chicago. Over 40 year activist, recently included in the 2012 edition of Who's Who In Black Chicago.

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