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Black United Fund Of Illinois Honors Living Legends Saturday, September 29

Black United Fund Honors Living Legends Special Correspondent: For more than 27 years BUFI continues to ask the question -“Who’s got next?” The Black United Fund of Illinois will celebrate The Year of the Man during its _12th Annual Living Legends/Passing the Torch_© event set for Saturday, September 29th. According to Henry English, President/CEO... Read more »

WVON’s former news director, Sharon K. McGhee, dead at 54

“My heart is TOO HEAVY at news of the death Sharon McGhee, a friend and former colleague at WVON. But Dear God. THANK YOU for an absolute gem, personally and professionally and sorry I did not get a chance to complete the “pocketbook” man voice she talked to me about, but thank God for her... Read more »

Media and City Should Recognize TODAY as the 9th year anniversary of The E2 Nightclub Tragedy

Today is the 9th anniversary of the E2 Nightclub Tragedy. While the city of Chicago would rather we forget, let us always remember the 21 who died. I have watched and listened to mainstream as well as local media all day today and at this point I only heard historic Black talk radio station WVON... Read more »

National Black Wall Street Leader Speaks On The Life and Legacy of Don Cornelius

As Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago and Chief of Staff of National Chairman of National Black Wall Street USA, the organizational members locally and nationally join in expressing our sincere sympathies in mourning the tragic death of Black cultural and entertainment icon Don Cornelius, who in the spirit of Black Wall Street used his... Read more »

Englewood Food Network Seeks to Raise $ 3,000 for New Engine for Food Distribution Truck!

Englewood Food Network Seeks to Raise $ 3,000 for New Engine for Food Distribution Truck! The Englewood Food Network, a not-for-profit organizational network of 32 food distribution agencies serving over 500,000 lbs of food in 2011 to approximately 70,000 residents, is seeking to raise $ 3,000 to replace the engine of its’ ten year-old food... Read more »