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Comments on Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr's Plea Deal

  This is a sad day for me as I was one of the senior strategists and community spokesperson for Jesse Jackson, Jr’s first campaign for Congress and one of those who helped coin the theme “young enough to serve long enough” for him to stay in Congress long enough to make history as the... Read more »

Jesse Jackson, Jr Is Doing Well With The People Who Really Control His Career In Congress

Why Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Is Doing Well   The only people who truly control the political future of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr are the voters of the 2nd Congressional District who I suspect will re-elect him to Congress in November when he returns from his medical leave.  The Congressman’s staff is at work everyday... Read more »

Press Conference, Can Jay-Z, Kanye West Song and Tour Help Stop The Violence, Tuesday, November 29 at United Center

> Can Jay Z and Kanye West Help Stop Youth Violence? > > Reverend Gregory Seal Livingston, Congressman Jackson Jr., Wallace ‘Gator’ Bradley – and others Implore Chicago to Support Non-Violent Movement Tomorrow > > > > Activists against teen violence are gathering tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29th at 11am at the Michael Jordan statue at... Read more »