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Introducing a new Black owned mental healthcare business, even during major cuts in mental healthcare clinics and services

INTRODUCING NEW BLACK OWNED MENTAL HEALTHCARE SERVICE BUSINESS ! In light of the recent mental health clinic cuts and so many people being left out in the cold with no alternative mental healthcare services, I was so pleased to find this ordinary brother doing an extraordinary thing of still developing a new business to provide... Read more »

Dr. Carl Bell waited on his patients today outside of his closed Southside Community Mental Health Council

CAPTION: Dr. Carl C. Bell Wednesday waited patiently outside of his closed South Side Community Mental Health Council that after 37-years was officially shutdown today by the State of Illinois. (Photo by Chinta Strausberg) Dr. Bell waits for patients outside of building closed by State of Illinois   State’s “promises made, promises broken, how could... Read more »

Reaction to August 1st closing of legendary Dr. Carl Bell's Community Mental Health Council and the negative impact on hundreds of mental health patients

WVON’s Perry Small rips pols for closure of Dr. Bell’s mental health center Senator Trotter says “Fight’s not over” – Dr. Bell to pitch a tent By Chinta Strausberg Wednesday, August 1, 2012, Dr. Carl C. Bell’s 37-year-old South Side Community Mental Health Council will officially be closed by the State of Illinois, but Senator... Read more »

Chicago Urban League Town Hall Meeting Wednesday August 1 on Impact Of State Medicaid Cuts On Communities of Color

This is a friendly reminder to please come and join us Wednesday evening for a town hall meeting, focusing on the impact of state budget and Medicaid cuts on communities of color.   The town hall will feature panelist from a broad cross-section of areas including – healthcare advocates, legislators, clergy, medical and service providers,... Read more »

Father George Clements Honored In Chicago For Health Advocacy and New Chairmanship of Hepatitis C Health Organization

Father George Clements Honored In Chicago For Health Advocacy and New Chairmanship of Hepatitis C Health Organization     Legendary priest/activist, Father George Clements To Be Honored In October 2012 in Chicago by The Georgia Doty Hepatitis C Organization as a Health Advocate of The Year and after celenbrating his 80th birthday in January 2012,... Read more »

Jamell Meeks Being Honored In October 2012 As Health Advocate

BREAKING NEWS Jamell Meeks, A Woman of Influence! Jamell Meeks, wife of the Reverand/Illinois State Senator James Meeks joins Christopher Kennedy-LawfordChicago in October 2012 being honored by Don Doty and The Georgia Doty HIV and Hepatitis C Organization as a Health Advocate of the Year! Joining them will be Congressman Danny K Davis, Cook County... Read more »

Mother Of "Snoop Dog" Joins Chicago Based Health Organization As National Spokesperson

  Photo of Evangelist Beverly Broadnus-Green, Mother of “Snoop Dog” (center) being congratulated by Judge Arnette Hubbard as the new National Spokesperson for the Georgia Doty HIV & Hepatitis C Foundation.  Mark S. Allen, (right of Evangelist Green) was also sworn in as an Advisory Board Member and Promotional Consultant to Evangelist Green and The Foundation.  Don... Read more »

Congressman Rush Invited To HIV-Hepatitis Health Disparity Conference May 31, also featuring Health and Human Services Deputy Dr. Garth Graham

Congressman Bobby Rush has been invited to participate in the upcoming HIV-Hepatitis- Health Disparity Employment Conference May 31st at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church 1257 W 111th Street sponsored by The Georgia Doty HIV and Hepatitis Inc Organization, Don Doty, President www.georgiadotyhivandhepatitisinc.org   Rush is being asked to join Dr Garth Graham Deputy Secretary Minority Health,... Read more »

Call To ACTION !! - Rocky Clark Is DYING: Unless We Find a Way To HELP !!

To our religious, civic, and political leaders, and to our local and national media!!!  Are we WAITING on this young boy to DIE and THEN do a feature on “What we could have done to prevent his death?”  President Obama, did we just fight for healthcare reform only to watch it NOT work to save... Read more »

Tonight, Thursday April 8th Self Employment Opportunities With New Rain Nutrition Company, Distribution Center, and Products Coming To Chicago in May!!

I decided to post this business opportunity meeting tonight after seeing how many ordinary people respond to events called “Self-Employment” workshops, for THIS particular meeting tonight in Chicago is not just a workshop but people really leaving being small business owners – SELF EMPLOYED !!   And I also post this for all those who I have... Read more »